Witcher 3 cosplayer brings Triss Merigold to life with elegant outfit - Dexerto

Witcher 3 cosplayer brings Triss Merigold to life with elegant outfit

Published: 8/May/2020 4:49 Updated: 8/May/2020 7:17

by Theo Salaun


Cosplayer Enji Night has revealed yet another Witcher 3 cosplay – this time the game’s infamous Temerian sorceress: Triss Merigold.

Known as Merigold the Fearless, Triss is a sorceress, specialized in healing abilities, that is best known for her longtime relationship with witcher Geralt of Rivia and her care for his Child of Surprise: Ciri.

Known as Enji Night, Enji is a Hungarian cosplayer, specialized in costume art, that is probably best known for her Bulma bunny cosplay and, more recently, her adaptations of the Witcher’s most popular female mainstays: Ciri, Yennefer and Triss. 

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While Enji proclaims to have only done a “makeup test” for each character, the results feel fully fleshed out. Purple contacts, choker, sultry blouse and long, raven hair for Yennefer. Green contacts, scar and the messy hair, makeup and shirt of a bold, young Ciri.


Those looks were on point, explaining why Enji “mainly planned to cosplay Yen and Ciri from the game.” But the Triss cosplay changed that, as she realized shortly after cosplaying Ciri: “It’s funny how I always thought I want to cosplay Ciri and Yen, because I somehow look similar to them, but now that I did a costest for all the three girls, I feel like I should cosplay Triss instead, cuz she suits me the most.”

Naturally a brunette with blue eyes, Triss’ red hair and green eyes feels like a departure from the norm for Enji. But that fits the cosplayer’s comfort zone and even her simple test of Triss’ look comes out better than the full efforts of most others.


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Aesthetically, the matching green dress, necklace amulet and hair fit Triss’ fashion development in the sophisticated city of Novigrad. But what sets the cosplay apart is the uncanny valley experience created by her makeup and hair.

Triss is a pale character with light freckles, an appearance that contrasts starkly against her bright red hair and green apparel for much of the game. 

Enji simply shuts it down with her makeup test, subtly laying in the freckles and notching every detail – up to the tiny birthmark below Triss’ bottom lip.

CD Projekt Red
Triss Merigold in all her freckled, fiery glory.

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Now she wants to do “a full Triss cosplay” and we just have to wonder what that might entail. If this wasn’t a full cosplay, then she very well might be performing real alchemy on IG Live when she next dons the red wig.