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Tokyo Ghoul cosplayer sets Touka Kirishima ablaze with devilish outfit

Published: 11/May/2020 22:54

by Alan Bernal


A cosplayer marvelously unleashed Touka Kirishima’s kagune with a design that captured the Tokyo Ghoul star in a dark-but-gentle light, reminiscent of the popular manga and anime series.

The franchise has been a beloved staple of manga for its unique blend of horror and drama, fueled by the complex characters like Touka. Though a gentle character, the series has shown that she can be exquisitely dangerous within the larger society of ghouls.

Though her kagune took time to develop, the eventual :re manager has always been one of the more devilish ghouls in combat, and great cosplays of her stride that fine line of showing her caring side while teasing the sheer power that she packs.


There are many sides to Tokyo Ghoul’s Touka Kirishima.

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Fitting with that theme is cosplayer ‘midorily’ who donned Touka’s all-leather look during her time in the Gas Mask collective.

This outfit for the popular character is both frightening and well executed with impeccable character details that are true to the show – down to the gorey aftermath of a kill.

The arc-appropriate reimagining shows her in the black leather outfit with the iconic mask that the gang of ghouls are known for wearing.

[Self] Touka Kirishima cosplay from cosplay

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But the clear standout of the entire cosplay is obviously the immaculate design of Touka’s half-realized ukaku kagune. The misshaped wings not only pays its respects to the source material, but shows midorily’s prowess as a cosplay creator.


Made entirely of the worbla, a material popular with cosplayers for being malleable, sturdy, and light-weight, the designer created one wing to be the undeveloped side of Touka’s kagune while the other stands straight up.

Though the costume looks like a simple take to a character, the devil is in the details with the striking wings that glow from yellow to a dark purple.

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Tokyo Ghoul has been a favorite series among cosplayers to recreate, seeing as one design can have many distinct layers that can show different sides of a character.

Midorily’s cosplay perfectly brought to life one of the anime’s most beloved characters in a brilliant way that shows how impeccable design can really make an outfit catch the eye.