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Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer defends her Gym as Leader Bea

Published: 2/Aug/2020 0:59

by Brent Koepp


A talented Pokemon cosplayer went viral after transforming into Sword & Shield’s Bea. The talented artist brought the Fighting-type Gym Leader to life with an insanely accurate costume.

Sword & Shield ushered Pokemon into its eighth generation in 2019. The Nintendo Switch title introduced players to the Galar region for the very first time, and included new game mechanics such as Dynamaxing and Raid Battles.

Bringing the game’s Gym Leader Bea to life, a skilled artist transformed into the Fighting-type trainer with her stunning cosplay. The artist looks so much like the character, it’s almost as if she’s kicked her way out of the screen.

bea fighting pokemon
YouTube: Pokemon
The Fighting type Gym Leader honed her skills in the wild.

Pokemon cosplayer becomes real life Gym Leader Bea

In the Gen VIII title, Sword players have to face off against the exclusive Gym Leader Bea. The trainer oversees the stadium at Stow-on-Side, and knows how to pack a mighty punch.

Cosplayer Maddy ‘starbelle.cosplay‘ transformed into the popular character in photo she posted to Instagram on July 13. The talented artist dawned her signature white and orange uniform.

Perfectly mimicking her fighting stance from Sword & Shield, Maddy lifts her leg and fist in the air ready to pummel foes. She not only captured her look perfectly, but she also embodies the character’s fighting spirit.

In another shot posted to social media, the cosplayer gave fans a full view of her costume. Maddy faithfully captured the heroine’s short gray hair, as well as the black and orange bow she wears atop her head.

Starbelle’s outfit is full of details, from the red fighting gym symbol on her chest, to the white and blue wrist guards. She even included the fighter’s white knee pads.

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"Do you have an unshakable spirit that won’t be moved, no matter how you are attacked? I think I’ll just test that out, shall I?" • Character: Gym Leader Bea Series: Pokémon Sword and Shield Costume: @miccostumes • I’m so excited that I finally got to cosplay Gym Leader Bea! As soon as I got it, I ran outside to take pictures. ? Pokémon has always been a huge part of my life – I grew up trading Pokémon cards, watching the anime, and playing the video games! More pictures coming soon ~ ? • #pokemon #pokémon #gymleaderbea #pokemoncosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayersofinstagram #blerd #anime #animecosplay #videogames #swordandshield #pokemongo #blackcosplayer #cosplaygirl #videogamecosplay #otaku #japan #animegirl

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Despite only releasing in November 2019, Sword & Shield is already on track to becoming the third best-selling title in the franchise. Proof that Pokemon has never been more popular.

Fans of the Switch title have a lot to be excited for in 2020, as the game is getting expanded in a big way this Fall with the release of its second DLC The Crown Tundra.


Valorant cosplayer re-invents herself as quirky genius Killjoy

Published: 28/Nov/2020 7:00

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Killjoy might be the inventive genius in the Valorant roster, but one of her biggest fans deserves the title too after she dished up a remarkably accurate cosplay. 

Valorant’s Agents are all unique. They have different strengths and weaknesses in certain situations. Killjoy, for example, is an absolute menace to face due to her ability to crowd control using gadgets.

However, that’s not the only reason fans love her. She’s hip, quirky, and a genius both on and off the battlefield. Interestingly, she’s a popular choice among cosplayers too, probably because something is alluring about her vibrant style.

Valorant Killjoy Cosplay
Riot Games
Killjoy might be a genius, but she acts and dresses in a way that many people can relate to.

Luminavira recently shared a picture of her incredible Killjoy cosplay on the Valorant subreddit, and it made quite an impression. It’s only been up for several hours and has already gained more than 500 upvotes and received plenty of positive feedback.

“Everyone makes fun of German efficiency,” she said, reiterating one of Killjoy’s lines. “Just keep laughing as you use all my gear.”

“I can finally show you some Killjoy pictures,” she added. “I am so proud of this Cosplay, and I love this girl so much. I know a lot of you guys don’t know Valorant, but I hope you like it anyway.”


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Luminavira made the costume herself, and she has done a fantastic job. The beanie, glasses, jacket, t-shirt, ripped jeans, gloves, and shoes all look like the real deal. It’s a perfect blend of green, yellow, grey, and purple.

The accessories were a nice touch as well. She included the bracelet, hip bag, leg strap, and even a replica rifle. What’s more, the attention to detail is second to none, and people were quick to notice.

“Wow, that’s amazing!” said the top comment in the Reddit thread. “You got even the tiniest details right. Even the pants are ripped in the same place. You look fantastic!”

“Introducing the real-life killjoy. This is seriously amazing!” said another. It’s a sentiment that others have shared, and for a good reason. Luminavira managed to bring her to life in the most incredible way.


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Luminavira is all smiles, and rightfully so. Like many cosplayers dedicated to the craft, she put in a lot of time and effort, and it shines through. Capugraphy’s top-notch photography played a part too.

It’s always nice to see your favorite characters come to life. Valorant players, especially those who love Killjoy, have been truly mesmerized by this piece. Luminavira deserves all the praise she’s getting.