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LoL cosplayer charms fans with stunning Elderwood Ahri

Published: 18/Jun/2020 8:39 Updated: 18/Jun/2020 12:14

by Andrew Amos


German cosplayer ‘Inori’ has adapted yet another League of Legends character into a brilliant cosplay, this time captivating fans with a stunning Elderwood Ahri outfit.

Elderwood Ahri is one of the Nine-Tailed Fox’s many skins in League of Legends. She is a much-beloved character after all, and is one of the community’s favorites to adapt into cosplay.

There aren’t too many examples of the Elderwood skin out there though given how recently it was released. However, German cosplayer Inori might have created the best of the bunch so far.

Riot Games
Elderwood Ahri is one of the foxgirl’s many different skins.

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Sharing the cosplay on Instagram, Inori’s take on the Nine-Tailed Fox has captivated players. She has crafted everything from head to toe, from the detailed floral skirt to the intricate head dress.


Bright with pinks, greens, and other floral tones, Inori’s cosplay looks dragged straight out of the splash art.

While she was hoping to show this off at a convention in the coming months, sadly it doesn’t look like things are opening up again. However, for a quarantine project, this looks to have been a great use of time.

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There is one key element that fans might have noticed missing: the fox’s iconic nine tails. After all, Ahri is the Nine-Tailed Fox ⁠— it’s in her extended title.

Inori hasn’t created tails for the foxgirl, but she has improvised in the next best possible way. She painted a background, including a wispy set of pink and blue tails, to stand next to while posing in her immaculate cosplay.


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Ahri isn’t the only League character Inori has adapted over the past few months. She also created True Damage Akali and Arcade Miss Fortune cosplays, while also sharing her past cosplays like True Damage Qiyana.

Once conventions start getting up and running again, this will be one cosplay fans will be flocking to find Inori in.