Genshin Impact cosplayer pulls off ice cold Ganyu look

Ganyu cosplay Genshin ImpactMiHoYo / Yashafluff

A talented cosplayer has brought Genshin Impact’s cocogoat, Ganyu, to life with a perfect rendition of the popular 5-star character.

The world of Genshin Impact is home to all kinds of colorful characters, but one of the most popular is Ganyu – the secretary to the Liyue Qixing. While the 5-star bow user may be both graceful and quiet by nature, Ganyu is capable of dishing out some truly terrifying damage. 

Not only can she obliterate hordes of Hilichurls with a single charged shot, but the Elemental Burst skill enables the Plenilune Gaze to unleash icy judgment onto all those that dare to stand in her way. 

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Ganyu’s high damage output and excellent synergy with other characters make her a solid choice for any player looking to maximize their DPS. To celebrate the community’s love for the resident cocogoat, cosplayer Yashafluff has wowed fans with her perfect cosplay of the Cryo bow user. 

Genshin Impact cosplayer stuns fans as Ganyu

Ganyu abilitiesHoYoverse
Ganyu dominates the battlefield with critical Cryo hits.

Yashafluff has cosplayed as a number of Genshin Impact characters. In fact, the talented cosplay has brought the likes of Mona, Keqing, and Ningguang to life. However, Yasha’s Ganyu cosplay gives fans a chance to see what the popular Cryo user would look like in real life. 

Ganyu is different from most Genshin Impact characters, in that she is half-human and half-adeptus. While she may look predominantly human in her design, it’s the red and black horns that make her particularly striking. Yashafluff has carefully attached these horns to the light blue wig, while also styling the hair to reflect their signature waves. 

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Ganyu_Genshin_Impact yashafluff
This Ganyu cosplay certainly looks the part.

The black bodysuit features the character’s golden arrows, which compliment the golden bell that Yashfluff has attached around her neck. Ganyu’s flowing tailcoat includes the character’s red knotted rope, which also appears on the character’s ankles. 

Rounding off the cosplay is the addition of a bouquet of white flowers, which closely resemble Qingxin – a core ascension material needed to level up the Plenilune Gaze.

The Cryo Adepti isn’t the only Genshin Impact character Yashafluff has dressed up as, so make sure you check out her Instagram and photographer haptu’s work.