Genshin Impact cosplayer electrifies as Electro Archon Baal

James Busby
Baal cosplay
roxanne.kho / miHoYo

A talented cosplayer has brought Genshin Impact’s Electro Archon, Baal, to life with an electrifying rendition of the popular 5-star character. 

Genshin Impact is home to all kinds of colorful characters, but one of the most popular is Baal – the exalted ruler of the Inazuma Shogunate. As the leader of the Inazuma Bakufu, the Electro Archon commands respect amongst her supporters and strikes fear into all those that dare to oppose her.

To celebrate the release of Baal, cosplayer Roxanne Kho has stunned Genshin Impact players with her faithful recreation of the popular Electro character. The skilled cosplayer gives fans a glimpse into what the Electro Archon would look like if she were to step into the real world. 

Baal cosplayer stuns fans with faithful recreation of Inzauma Archon

Baal in Genshin Impact
Baal is the latest 5-star character to feature in Genshin Impact.

Roxanne Kho is no stranger to the world of Genshin Impact cosplays – in fact, the talented cosplayer is constantly bringing miHoYo’s most popular characters to life. Kho’s latest Baal cosplay has proven a huge hit amongst the game’s community of fans.

The artist has faithfully recreated Baal’s signature pose, perfectly capturing Raiden Shogun’s powerful look. Everything from the character’s long braided purple hair and elegant kimono has been effortlessly captured, showcasing a great eye for detail. 

Baal cosplay Genshin Impact
Roxanne Kho has wowed fans with her Baal cosplay.

Even the intricate design of Baal’s Obi has been carefully recreated and features many finer details, which really bring the Electro Archon to life. Even Baal’s Musou no Hitotachi can be seen surging with electrical energy. 

Speaking to Dexerto, Roxanne Kho explained what her favorite part of Baal’s design was. “My favorite part of her design is mostly her face. She’s so pretty and alluring and you can just stare at her all day.” 

When discussing the costume, the cosplayer was drawn towards Baal’s traditional outfit. “Costume-wise, the Obi is my most favorite. It has so many details but just enough and not too much. The small golden fan at the back part was one of the assets that really sold me on cosplaying her.”

Baal cosplay
This electrifying Baal cosplay certainly isn’t lacking in detail.

Cosplaying certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when the design process can be fraught with difficulty. Roxanne Kho stated that Baal’s wig was actually the most tricky part to recreate. 

“If you ask me, it has to be the hair. The hair might seem to be easy but if you’re one of the people who are detail-oriented, styling the wig is a challenge. To create a volume on a very long and heavy wig is the most difficult part on top of it, the way her hair was braided was so unique.”

Fortunately, the talented cosplayer managed to overcome this challenge and re-created one of the best renditions of Baal we’ve seen so far. The Electro Archon isn’t the only Genshin Impact character Roxanne Kho has dressed up as, so make sure you check out her Instagram to see all the latest works.