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Genshin Impact cosplayer defends Mondstadt as Anemo bard Venti

Published: 4/Apr/2022 0:34

by Brent Koepp


A Genshin Impact cosplayer made waves online after sharing their insanely accurate portrayal of Venti. The talented artist brought the Anemo Archon to life with their stunning costume. 

Originally launching with Genshin Impact in 2019, Venti was one of the game’s first must-have 5-star heroes. Months later, the lovable Anemo Bow user is still popular in the HoYoverse RPG.

A cosplayer celebrated the Mondstadt Archon’s rerun banner in the Version 2.6 update by bringing him to life with her mind-blowing costume. The artist looks so much like the character, it’s almost as if Venti has glided his way out of the screen.


Genshin Impact hero Venti cutscene screenshot.
The Anemo Archon made his return in the Version 2.6 update.

Genshin Impact cosplayer becomes real-life Venti

Cosplayer Yanagi Cosplay shared her true-to-life take on the Genshin Impact hero in a series of posts on Instagram. The artist teamed up with photographer Hilda ‘adamaikingdom‘ who captured her posing in Venti’s iconic green and white bard uniform.

Yanagi’s faithful re-creation of his attire is full of details, such as her green beret and cape. The accessories are lined with elaborate patterns and gold trimming as they are depicted in the game. She even portrayed the 5-star hero’s flowery shirt cuffs.

The artist didn’t just capture Venti’s uniform, but she also perfectly mirrored the his signature look as well. In her cosplay, Yanagi accurately stylized her hair into braids, including her locks changing from dark to light blue in color.



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As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the cosplaying artist also faithfully re-created Venti’s iconic Genshin Impact banner art in a second photo. In the picture, Yanagi holds a life-size prop of the Bard’s Holy Lyre instrument.


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This isn’t the first time the artist has dressed up as Genshin Impact characters. The talented cosplayer has also portrayed others such as Inazuma’s Raiden Shogun and Catalyst user Mona.

Those wanting to see more of Yanagi Cosplay’s incredible work should make sure to check out her Instagram here.