Demon Slayer cosplayer enters berserk mode as terrifying Nezuko Kamado

demon-slayer-nezuko-cosplayInstagram: @jannetincosplay / Viz Media

Jannet, a talented cosplayer with an army of followers on social media, treated Demon Slayer fans to a frightening glimpse of Nezuko Kamado’s wild side with this stunning transformation.

Nezuko Kamado is, by far, the most popular Demon Slayer character in the cosplay community. Just look at some of the ones we’ve covered.

It’s not all that surprising, given she constantly polls as one of the favorites on MyAnimeList.

Most cosplayers tend to embrace her more adorable side. However, Jannet aimed to approach it from a different angle. Instead, she wanted to re-create Nezuko’s frightening berserk mode in the flesh, and she nailed it.

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demon-slayer-nezuko-cosplayViz Media
There’s nothing adorable about Nezuko’s demonic berserk mode.

Nezuko’s appearance in berserk demon form is very different from her usual look.

Not only does she lose the gag, footwear, and sleeves of her attire, but she also grows a small white horn on the side of her forehead.

Her veins also become more prominent, and a vine-like tattoo covers the skin around her chest, arms, and legs.

Jannet didn’t miss a beat. She re-created all the elements of the berserk mode to a tee and even threw in the pink eye color to boot.

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Jannet’s fans couldn’t get enough of it. “You are absolutely amazing,” wrote one fan. “You are so talented. One of my favorites!” wrote another.

She uploaded additional photos from the shoot onto her gallery if you’d like to see more. This one taken in a forest is particularly impressive.

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