Death Note cosplayer is drop dead gorgeous as perfect Misa Amane

Georgina Smith
Cosplayer Chiakos is pictured next to a drawing of Death Note's Misa Amane.

One talented cosplayer has blown fans of popular anime Death Note away with her dark yet adorable take on polarizing wannabe model, Misa Amane.

Death Note took the anime world by storm when it was adapted from its manga form in 2006, the psychological thriller with its supernatural elements gripping fans across the world with its addictive story and fascinating characters.

The story follows the battle of wits between Light Yagami, a school prodigy with a newfound ability to kill people at will via the titular Death Note, and L, a mysterious police detective with a mind as brilliant as Light’s.

One key player in the tale of Light and L is Misa Amane. The up-and-coming model appears to be a stock character at first glance, but there is far more to her than meets the eye, with a dark past and a twisted psyche that manifests itself more and more as the story progresses.

Misa Amane holds up a pointer finger in a still from Death Note.
Death Note’s Misa Amane has become an iconic character for casual fans and cosplayers alike.

Cosplayer Chiyakicos tapped into that complexity perfectly, utilizing Misa’s darker aesthetic via both her costume and makeup to construct an incredible real-life Misa.

Her outfit is on point, the lace fingerless gloves that cover her forearm beautifully contrast her skin, and match well with the lace bodice. The statement choker with copper skulls and bold red gemstones flawlessly blend the line between sweet and dark.

Her hair is a stunning white blonde with loose beachy waves, tied into two tiny pigtails at the crown of her head to reflect Misa’s original look.

And most striking is her flawless makeup, saturated blood red eyeshadow and matching lips are beautifully applied, the color tying in with the choker and red nail polish and bringing the whole look together. The contrasting whites, reds and blacks give it a stunning animated feel.

Commenters on the series of photos called it “beautiful,” “stunning,” and “the best Misa cosplay yet,” and with 1500 likes on the images combined, its clearly a been a hit among Death Note fans.