Breathtaking Princess Mononoke cosplay sends Studio Ghibli fans wild

Brent Koepp
Instagram: @kerenlin / Erik r.preis / Studio Ghibli

Celebrating the 20 years since Princess Mononoke’s release in the USA, an incredibly talented cosplayer shared her mindblowingly accurate portrayal of San – the princess of the Wolf Gods – and it’s so good it’s as if the character jumped from out the anime itself.

Princess Mononoke originally released in 1997 in Japan, and to the rest of the the world two years later. The groundbreaking animation was the seventh film for legendary anime director Hayao Miyazaki, as well as in the top 10 highest grossing films of all time in Japan.

The film centers around Prince Ashitaka who’s village is attacked by a demon, and after his body is cursed to death he sets out on a journey to discover where the corrupted beast came from, and to look for a cure – although he’s resigned to his fate regardless of the outcome.

After discovering that demon was the result of a mining town destroying a forest nearby, he soon discovers San – a wolf princess who is waging war to save the home of the wolves that raised her. One talented cosplayer took it to another level by bringing her to life.

Studio GhibliThe Wolf Princess ‘San’ is one of the main characters in this groundbreaking 1997 anime.

Cosplayer ‘Keren Lin‘ shared her costume on her Instagram, and awed fans with her accurate depiction of the iconic anime character. The cosplay perfectly recreates the character’s outfit, including her bone necklace, and clay red mask with the wolf hide attached.

She also gets every detail right, even down to her large earrings, the little cloth armbands, as well as her handmade blue skirt that is created from torn pieces of clothing.

Even more impressive is how the designer embodies the character’s spirit by creating her iconic pose from the film, and really gives it that movie-to-life touch.

As if that wasn’t mindblowing enough, the artist partnered with an adorable white furred dog, that looks exactly like the wolves from the film. On her social media account, she said the canine’s name is Luna.

What looks as if it could be a scene directly from the anime, Keren Lin poses outdoor with the pup, and kneels beside it, while resting her head against him – capturing the connection the princess has to the spirit of the animals.

While the cute dog is not big enough for her to ride on like in the film, it’s incredible how much effort went into this cosplay to truly recreate the iconic character from the popular Ghibli film. The costume also includes an accurate replica of the character’s dagger.

Keren Lin has a ton of costumes on her social media account, ranging from anime to video game characters, and are all worth checking out.

Her Princess Mononoke cosplay is without a doubt one of the best ones we’ve ever seen of the legendary anime, and is a great way to celebrate its undying legacy.

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