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Apex Legends cosplayer phases in amazing Wraith look

Published: 22/Apr/2020 21:01

by Bill Cooney


A hardcore Apex Legends fan did an astounding job of recreating Wraith’s Void Specialist skin IRL with a cosplay worthy of the Interdimensional Skirmisher herself.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games out there, and Wraith has been the go-to character for frag-loving players since the title’s release.

She’s also one of fans’ favorite legends to cosplay, and fumika_owo did a fantastic job of bringing Wraith into the real world.

“There’s a win out there waiting for us.”

Void Specialist was one of the original skins to come out with the hero at launch, and fumika nailed every last detail down to her pink rebreather mask.

The pink accents on the black base are what make the skin unique, and she seemed to be able to pin them down exactly.

As an added touch, fukima comes equipped with a Wingman revolver, the weapon of choice for all those sweaty Wraith mains out there.

Finally, some glowing green eyes perfectly framed by the character’s trademark hairstyle bring the costume together, and make it seem like the skirmisher is looking right back at us.

“Follow me if you want to win.”

The amount of detail that went into the whole cosplay, like the wires, tubes, and spikes are all accurate to the in-game model, unfortunately we don’t know how long it took fumika to complete the project.

Wraith is so far the only Apex character fumika has cosplayed, according to her Instagram, but based on how good it looks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more.

In another shot, she even shows off her own version of Wraith’s heirloom weapon, which was probably much easier (and cheaper) to obtain than the in-game version.

“Can’t catch what you can’t see.”

The cosplayer obviously enjoys her Apex Legends, but is a die-hard Overwatch fan as well, dressing up as Mercy and D.Va, to name a few.

Apex itself is well into its second year, and players are currently gearing up for Season 5, which will hopefully come with some great Wraith skins to produce more cosplays like this one.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends adds Double XP to finish Battle Pass before Season 7

Published: 29/Oct/2020 17:00

by Calum Patterson


Respawn Entertainment are adding double XP to Apex Legends, so that players can complete their Season 6 Battle pass before Season 7 starts, after they shortened it by a week.

Season 7 was initially due to start on November 10, as the battle pass ‘days remaining’ had indicated for the majority of the current season.

However, only 3 weeks out, Respawn changed the date to November 4, unannounced, leaving players somewhat confused about the amount of time they had left to finish all their battle pass levels.

Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier apologized for the lack of communication on the matter, and assured players that they were working on a Double XP period to give players a boost and a chance to get the battle pass completed before it changes to Season 7.

When is Apex Legends Double XP?

The Double XP week is due to start on Thursday, October 29, at 10AM PT (1pm ET / 5pm GMT), and run until the end of the Season.

The exact start time for Apex Legends Season 7 is not confirmed yet, though the usual time is either 10AM or 8AM PT.

Grenier also previously said that there would be a slight ‘retune’ the Season 7 battle pass, but didn’t go into details about what exactly that would mean.

Season 7 starts on all platforms on November 4.