Apex Legends cosplayer becomes surveillance expert as flawless Crypto

Lauren Bergin
Apex Legends Crypto cosplay

Crypto is one of the most unique Legends in Apex Legends, and one cosplayer has brought him into the real world with an amazing cosplay recreation of his futuristic style. 

Even though he’s always been one of the lesser-used characters in-game, Apex Legends’ resident Korean hacker Crypto is one of the game’s most famous faces.

While a lot of players don’t choose to play as him in Apex Games, mainly because he doesn’t have flashy, movement-based abilities, Respawn are considering a rework if the hacker’s pick rate continues on its current downward trend.

To show him a bit of love in the meantime, one cosplayer has brought him into the real world, and his Crypto cosplay really is a sight to behold.

Crypto at table in Apex Legends
Crypto certainly looks great, but it apparently he isn’t great to play…

Korean cosplayer Changcheon_cos has created a stunning version of the Apex hacker that looks as though he’s walked straight out of the Games and onto planet Earth.

If you quickly glanced at his photos you’d be forgiven for assuming that this was a 3D render. Every single detail in his cyberpunk-style outfit is mirrored to perfection, from that iconic white and green coat to the black shirt underneath. Even his numerous chains have been meticulously crafted.

Where this cosplay really shines, though, is in Changcheon’s attitude and facial expression. With metallic cybernetic implants set into his skin, he glares into the camera with a pokerface that displays no emotion.


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He’s also built his own version of that pesky Surveillance Drone. You can easily imagine the little robot flying towards you ready to drop that EMP.


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This is truly an amazing Crypto cosplay. Every detail is spot on, and changcheon really does his best to embody the Legend.

Will we see more Apex cosplays from him as we move into Season 9, perhaps of the new Legend Valkyrie? If they’re of the same caliber as this one then we can’t wait for May 4.

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