Why Venom has wings in Marvel Comics

Christopher Baggett
Venom brandishes his wings

Venom has a host of bizarre and horrifying powers, but the most impressive has to be his massive wings. Here’s how he got them. 

With the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, fans are discovering the fearsome power of Venom all over again. The symbiote powerhouse is a nightmarish addition to the story and provides some of the most memorable boss encounters in the game. 

Still, the game barely scratches the surface of Venom’s wild story. The character, debuting all the way back in 1984’s Amazing Spider-Man #300, has undergone several notable changes. 

Though he started as a rampaging villain, Venom has worn many hats over the years. He’s been a lethal protector, an alien space knight, and even a government agent. But one change in recent years speaks to one of his biggest stories, wherein Venom became a symbiote god. 

Note, spoilers for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to follow.

Venom’s wings in Marvel Comics explained

The 2018 run of Venom served as a set-up for the story King in Black, wherein the symbiote god Knull set a path to Earth. In the encounter with Knull, the Venom symbiote was changed, gaining access to new powers. 

Venom grows wings as the King in Black
Venom’s wings became emblematic of his time as the King in Black.

The Venom symbiote was able to alter Eddie Brock’s chemistry to calm him down and exhibited new shapeshifting abilities. He also was able to grow a pair of massive batwings, enabling him to fly and glide. 

Following the King in Black event, with Knull defeated and Eddie taking his role as the titular King in Black, the wings would manifest again. This time, however, all symbiotes were shown being able to sprout wings, a symbol of their enhanced power now that they are from Knull’s grasp. 

Does Venom have wings in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Venom does have a pair of wings in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, though they don’t have the same narrative resonance as King in Black. He grows the wings in the middle of the game’s climactic boss fight between Peter and Venom. 

Venom from Spider-man 2
Venom displays some truly terrifying powers in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

During the fight, Peter tries to distract Venom while Miles and MJ steal the symbiote meteorite. Venom catches on, though, sensing the meteorite being stolen. He scoops Peter up and grows a pair of massive bat wings, flying to the EMF building. 

While the wings are a fun call back to King in Black and Venom’s final power in that story, they’re not treated as a story upgrade here. Though Venom does use the wings during the boss fight with Miles, they come across more like just the next ability in his arsenal rather than some grand power-up he earned. 

That’s all we have for now on Venom’s wings in Marvel Comics and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but be sure to follow all our coverage for more. 

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