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Who are CarWow? YouTube’s most-watched car channel

Published: 8/Sep/2020 16:21

by Kieran Bicknell


Car reviews, drag racing, and consumer buying advice can all be found on CarWow’s YouTube channel. Having broken their own view records time and again, CarWow is now officially the most-watched YouTube car channel of all time.

Fresh off the back of celebrating their best-ever month of viewing numbers and new subscribers in August, CarWow has now been officially named the most-watched automotive YouTube channel of all time.

Launched in 2014 as a car-buying comparison channel; CarWow has now expanded its YouTube channel to incorporate supercar tests, drag races, and head-to-head challenges with great success.

Having accrued over 700,000 new subscribers in less than six months, CarWow recorded a massive 75m views in the month of August alone. Since April 1 2020, they have recorded over 227.1 views, equivalent to over 21.5m hours of viewing time or 895,833.33 days.


Their off-roader tug-of-war video has achieved an astonishing 5.46m views:

Showing no signs of slowing down

With the introduction of more entertainment-focused videos, these have performed the best on the CarWow channel and have helped to boost their viewing figures to where they are today.

From pitting six-figure supercars against each other to playing automotive tug-of-war, their videos have proven to be a hit in recent months and show no sign of slowing down.

With the majority of CarWow’s subscribers being under 35 (70% to be precise) the shift towards entertainment-focused videos has been a landmark pillar in the channels rise to prominence.

Not only is the CarWow channel available in English, but there are also dedicated sub-channels for various languages, ensuring that viewers across the planet are able to access and enjoy the content they produce.


Racing supercars and hypercars has become staple content for CarWow.

Featuring regular collaborations with the likes of famed car wrapper Yiannimize, editorial director Mat Watson heads up the CarWow YouTube team, presenting everything from their challenge videos to consumer-focused car reviews.

Speaking about being crowned the ‘most-watched automotive YouTube channel’ Mat had the following to say:

“We have had an incredible year with the channel. Having a world record-breaking month would be reason to celebrate under any circumstances but it’s a particularly amazing achievement [with everything going on] We will strive to ensure the highest quality of videos for our global audience and are looking forward to the next milestone.”


With their almost daily content uploads, a mixture of consumer and entertainment-focused videos, and snappy presenting style, the CarWow channel looks set to continue its incredible growth for the foreseeable future.