This whacky off-road Ford Mustang is the weirdest ‘pony car’ we’ve ever seen

Kieran Bicknell

Ford Mustangs are a staple of muscle and tuner car culture, but they’re generally not suited to off-road adventures. Well, it seems one owner was determined to change that, and build the craziest Mustang we’ve ever seen.

Converting cars for off-roading is nothing new, with many cheap truck owners modifying their cars to cross rough terrain with ease. While it may be commonplace for trucks to be converted into mud-crawling beasts, it’s not something you’d typically associate a Ford Mustang with.

Well, clearly this Mustang owner really, really wanted to go off-roading without buying a new car. Most vehicles get so-called ‘lift kits’ to raise the body, along with larger all-terrain tires, but this Mustang driver went all-out with their modifications.

crazy mustang on hillclimb
The Mustang has been heavily modified for the occasion.

Insane off-road converted Ford Mustang

The first thing that is apparent about this Mustang is that it is a one-off build. Strangely enough, that’s probably a good thing, given the insane proportions of the modified car.

Instead of going the usual ‘lifted’ route, the owner of this Mustang instead opted to go wide; Really wide. The axles on the Mustang have been replaced with extended versions, which are hopefully bulked up to support the extra forces.

The standard wheels have also been replaced, with a set of massive off-road wheels that would look at home on a monster truck. The tires have also been upgraded to deal with loose and rough surfaces, which no doubt helps when facing off against a standard Mustang.

Power has also been tweaked for this insane creation. Gone is the standard V8, and in its place sits a modified 5.0l Twin-turbo V8 ‘Coyote’ engine. Thanks to its heavy modification, the engine puts down roughly 1,200bhp at the wheels.

To test this insane creation, it went head-to-head with a ‘stock’ example of the Mustang. While the standard version did well at first, once the off-road course was watered down, it didn’t stand a chance against this crazy creation.

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