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Stradman slams Bugatti over “ridiculous” Veyron replacement key cost

Published: 21/Sep/2020 10:48

by Kieran Bicknell


Having successfully bought his first hypercar earlier in 2020, TheStradman is now learning that Bugatti ownership is an expensive experience indeed.

When buying a car, ownership costs are important to think about. New tires, fuel, insurance, and tax are all important factors to consider, but, usually, replacement keys are nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately for automotive YouTuber TheStradman – real name James – it turns out that like all other Bugatti-branded items, replacement keys for his Veyron are subject to what he calls “the Bugatti tax.”

The Bugatti Veyron came from the factory with two standard keys, a ‘valet’ key and the option of the coveted ‘top speed’ key. The standard keys are just everyday keys used to start and stop the car. The Valet key restricts power, while the top speed key unlocks the full potential of the 1001hp Veyron.

TheStradman Bugatti Veyron keys
YouTube: TheStradman
Replacing the standard Veyron key (left) is an incredibly expensive process.

An incredibly expensive process

James has previously revealed that he shelled out for a ‘top speed’ key but now needs to buy a replacement standard key.

Given that Bugatti keys are essentially just standard Volkswagen keys with different branding, it should be an easy enough process. Sadly, Bugatti not only make getting a replacement key difficult, but also incredibly expensive.

Explaining the situation, he says that “deep down, I’m shedding a lot of tears” at the thought of going through the process. In total, the replacement standard key for his Veyron comes to $9,640.02! Just to add salt to the wound, it will also take two months for Bugatti to deliver the new key.

“Absolutely ridiculous”

“I can afford a ten thousand dollar key… but it’s overpriced” said TheStradman. “It’s absolutely ridiculous, I know the value of ten thousand dollars, and this isn’t it.”

Expressing his frustration, Strad says “there’s a reason Veyrons are depreciating, its because of dumb things like this.”

He goes on to say that he will be spending the $10k on a replacement key, but he also “has the platform” and hopes that Bugatti will see his video complaint and rectify the situation.

Given that he has only just bought his Veyron, let’s hope that the deprecation begins to level out sometime soon, or TheStradman may find himself in a tricky situation when he comes to sell the Bugatti.


Forza Horizon 4 Series 28 Autumn update: Zenvo TSR, challenges, Forzathon

Published: 28/Oct/2020 10:50 Updated: 28/Oct/2020 10:59

by Kieran Bicknell


Series 28 of Forza Horizon 4 has proven to be quite a lucrative update, with plenty of new cars and even new features on offer. With October 29 bringing about the move to autumn, players have a chance to get their hands on some legendary vehicles and more.

Forza Horizon 4 is still a firm fan favorite in spite of its age, with plenty of new vehicles and challenges available each week. For Series 28 autumn season, the legendary Zenvo TSR-S and Volkswagen I.D. R have taken their place as ‘star’ prizes for playlist completion.

Not only are there two legendary cars up for grabs, but a whole host of other rare, hard-to-find cars are available through the challenge playlist. There are also the usual super wheelspins up for grabs, along with a legendary piece of apparel too.

Forza Horizon 4 Series 28 Autumn cars

Fans of hard-to-find cars will be very happy to see two ‘hero’ cars as the playlist completion bonuses for the autumn season of series 28.

While neither of the cars are completely new to the game in the way the GMC Syclone was for Summer, both of the vehicles up for grabs are extremely hard to get in-game, and disappear almost instantly from the auction house.

Autumn season completion bonus cars

Completion percentage Car name Car rarity / traits
50% season completion Zenvo TSR-S Legendary, hard-to-find
80% season completion #94 Volkswagen I.D. R Legendary, hard-to-find

Autumn season challenge cars

Event name Event type Car reward Car rarity / traits
Getting Gnarly The Trial 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE Common, hard-to-find
Autumn Games Seasonal playground 1969 Chevrolet Nova Super Sport 396 Forza Edition Forza Edition, wheelspin car
Hyperspace Express Season event 2018 Italdesign Zerouno Epic, hard-to-find
One Of Us Season event 1974 Toyota Corolla SR5 Rare, hard-to-find
Forza Horizon 4 Autumn DriveSeries 28 Autumn season has plenty of cars and prizes on offer.

Forza Horizon 4 Series 28 seasonal events – rewards

Autumn also brings several new and exclusive events for Forza Horizon 4 players. Along with the cars above, there are also several other prizes on offer.

Event name Event type Reward
#MiniMountain Photo challenge Super Wheelspin
Forest Sprite Showcase remix Super Wheelspin
Sylvan Hollow Seasonal PR Stunt (Speed trap) Super Wheelspin
Reservoir Ridge Seasonal PR Stunt (Danger sign) Super Wheelspin
The Orchards Seasonal PR Stunt (Speed Zone) Super Wheelspin
Tourist Trap Season event [Legendary] Classic race helmet

Forza Horizon 4 Series 28 Autumn Forzathon

Forzathon for the autumn season is centered around the theme “Executive Saloons” and features a number of challenges for drivers of either the 2005 BMW M3 or the 2006 Audi RS4 saloons.

Weekly challenges unlock as you progress through them, with a total of 4 ‘chapters’ available for completion.

There are also seven ‘daily challenges’ with skill and event objectives to complete. Daily challenges are unlocked with each consecutive day of the season, but do run out over time.

Forza Horizon 4 Series 28 Autumn RS4Series 28 Autumn Forzathon revolves around the 2006 Audi RS4 and the 2005 BMW M3.

Series 28 Autumn weekly challenges

Completion of each weekly challenge earns players 200fp (Forzathon points) to redeem in the Forzathon shop.

Weekly challenge name Challenge requirements
Chapter 1 – Executive Saloons Own and drive either the 2005 BMW M3 or the 2006 Audi RS4.
Chapter 2 – A Step Ahead Earn a total of 12 stars from Speed Traps in either the 2005 BMW M3 or the 2006 Audi RS4
Chapter 3 – Track Day Win three Road Series events in either the 2005 BMW M3 or the 2006 Audi RS4
Chapter 4 – Impressive Performance Earn drift or pass skills to collect 3 Showoff Skill combos in either the 2005 BMW M3 or the 2006 Audi RS4.

Series 28 autumn daily challenges

Completion of each daily challenge earns players 20fp (Forzathon points) to redeem in the Forzathon shop.

Daily Challenge Name Challenge Requirements
#1 Stars And Garters Earn 1 star or better at any Speed Trap
#2 Slick Performance Win a Road Circuit event
#3 Gotta Go Fast Earn 3 Speed Skills
#4 Go-Faster Stripes Earn 1 Ultimate Speed Skill
#5 Get Rekt Earn 1 Wreckage Skill
#6 Eye of the Storm Earn 3 Great Drafting Skills
#7 Massive Damage Earn 2 Awesome Wreckage Skills

Series 28 Autumn Forzathon Shop

The Forzathon shop for Series 28 Autumn Season is yet to be announced, so be sure to check back for updates.