Stradman slams Bugatti over “ridiculous” Veyron replacement key cost

YouTube: TheStradman

Having successfully bought his first hypercar earlier in 2020, TheStradman is now learning that Bugatti ownership is an expensive experience indeed.

When buying a car, ownership costs are important to think about. New tires, fuel, insurance, and tax are all important factors to consider, but, usually, replacement keys are nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately for automotive YouTuber TheStradman – real name James – it turns out that like all other Bugatti-branded items, replacement keys for his Veyron are subject to what he calls “the Bugatti tax.”

The Bugatti Veyron came from the factory with two standard keys, a ‘valet’ key and the option of the coveted ‘top speed’ key. The standard keys are just everyday keys used to start and stop the car. The Valet key restricts power, while the top speed key unlocks the full potential of the 1001hp Veyron.

TheStradman Bugatti Veyron keysYouTube: TheStradman
Replacing the standard Veyron key (left) is an incredibly expensive process.

An incredibly expensive process

James has previously revealed that he shelled out for a ‘top speed’ key but now needs to buy a replacement standard key.

Given that Bugatti keys are essentially just standard Volkswagen keys with different branding, it should be an easy enough process. Sadly, Bugatti not only make getting a replacement key difficult, but also incredibly expensive.

Explaining the situation, he says that “deep down, I’m shedding a lot of tears” at the thought of going through the process. In total, the replacement standard key for his Veyron comes to $9,640.02! Just to add salt to the wound, it will also take two months for Bugatti to deliver the new key.

“Absolutely ridiculous”

“I can afford a ten thousand dollar key… but it’s overpriced” said TheStradman. “It’s absolutely ridiculous, I know the value of ten thousand dollars, and this isn’t it.”

Expressing his frustration, Strad says “there’s a reason Veyrons are depreciating, its because of dumb things like this.”

He goes on to say that he will be spending the $10k on a replacement key, but he also “has the platform” and hopes that Bugatti will see his video complaint and rectify the situation.

Given that he has only just bought his Veyron, let’s hope that the deprecation begins to level out sometime soon, or TheStradman may find himself in a tricky situation when he comes to sell the Bugatti.