Savage Garage takes $9m Porsche Design Tower tour and it’s insane

savage-garage-randy-with-porsche-design-tower1YouTube: Savage Garage

The term “dream apartment” is often over-used, but when it comes to the bespoke Porsche Design Tower in Miami it’s justified with an insane car elevator, incredible ocean views, and designer furniture – this really is a petrolhead’s dream apartment.

Costing “around nine million bucks” to buy, this four-bed apartment is located in one of the most prestigious and sought-after buildings in Miami: The Porsche Design Tower.

Highlights include a private pool and outdoor kitchen for all apartments, ocean views, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a car elevator.

Savage Garage Apartment InteriorYouTube: Savage Garage
The interior of the $9m apartment is kitted out with bespoke designer furniture from the likes of Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

The “Dezervator”

The car elevator is surely the highlight of the tower for any self-respecting petrolhead. Called the “Dezervator” this automated vehicle lift can whisk drivers and their vehicles from the ground floor up to their own private garage on the same floor as their apartment.

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Randy from Savage Garage was quick to show off this incredible feature. He explains how the lift is controlled via a remote ‘clicker’ in the car or can be controlled externally to send your car up to the garage without the driver being in the car.

Not only is the lift itself automated, but so is the parking process. On arrival at the correct floor, the elevator can spin through 360 degrees to align with an empty parking space. Magnetic arms then stabilize and lock the elevator in place while the car is ‘dragged’ off of the elevator and into its pre-selected parking space.

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“It’s awesome!”

While the car elevator is the focal point of the apartment, the rest of the condo itself is suitably crazy. Custom Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Italian furniture adorn the living areas of the condo, while floor-to-ceiling windows afford all rooms views of either the ocean or the bay.

Strangely enough, one of the features Randy gets most excited about is the toilet, saying: “It’s automated so you don’t touch anything… they wash your butt, it’s awesome!”

Each apartment also gets its own outdoor pool and cooking area, but there’s one special requirement as Randy explains: “There are no lights on the deck as sea turtles are born on the beach … they use the moonlight to guide them, so there’s no lighting outside to ensure they don’t get confused.”

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Between the automated “Deservator” Porsche provenance, designer furniture, and environmentally-conscious design; The Porsche Design Tower Miami may well be one of the coolest apartment buildings in the world.