LinusTechTips takes the Tesla Cybertruck for a spin – sort of

Bill Cooney

Tech YouTuber Linus Sebastian of LinusTechTips got as close as is currently possible to the new Tesla Cybertruck during a visit to the Hacksmith studio in a recent video.

The Cybertruck is probably one of the most-talked-about vehicles in the world since it was revealed in 2019, and with a 2021 release date, people are foaming at the mouth to get their first look at the unique new “car.”

Linus got closer to the Cybertruck than most people will, for a while at least, when he visited the Hacksmith studios in Ontario to check out their 1:2 scale replica of the SUV.

When the vehicle first pulls into frame in Linus’ video, for a half-second it almost looks like the real thing, until it parks next to actual full-size cars and the YouTuber pops out of the top.

For all intents and purposes, the mini version has all of the same features as the full-size, including LEDs on the front and rear and even a fully extendable tailgate.

Being a miniature replica, there wasn’t enough room to fit all of the technical bells and whistles in, but the model does boast a faux-marble dashboard much like the real truck.

In some aspects, though, the Hacksmith model Cybertruck outperformed its full-sized counterpart.

Linus was unable to leave more than a scuff when he threw a metal ball bearing at the replica’s window, whereas the real version’s glass shattered into a spiderweb.

Furthermore, its door panel didn’t dent when the YouTuber smacked it with a sledgehammer either, unlike the actual model, which was definitely worse for wear after similar tests.

Linus threw the ball bearing with all his might, but couldn’t make more than a scuff mark.

The Hacksmiths aren’t the only ones to make a replica of the Cybertruck since it captured people’s imaginations in 2019, but theirs is one of the most accurate recreations so far.

We probably won’t see an actual, market-ready one until we get closer to its 2021 release date, so for now, replicas like this will just have to be the next best thing.

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