Alex Choi gets payback on cops by ‘pulling them over’ in his Lamborghini

Kieran Bicknell
Alex Choi Lamborghini with Police CarInstagram: Alex.choi

After being pulled over and surrounded by police during a recent stunt with his mates; Alex Choi got his own back on the local police department, utilizing his crazy Lamborghini build to its full extent.

Alex’s Lambo build certainly attracts a lot of attention wherever it goes, but it seems that he’s finally found a good use for the flashing lights fixed to the roof of the car.

On August 21, Alex posted a number of videos to his Instagram story showing himself and his friends out for a drive. Alongside these videos is one showing Nate Rossi doing donuts in his McLaren 570s, whipping the car round and round in circles in a cloud of tire smoke.

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While pulling donuts in a supercar is an impressive stunt, it does often attract the wrong kind of attention for the driver and anyone else around them. Unfortunately, that was exactly the sort of attention that they drew.

Clip starts at 1:45

Alex gets his own back…

In videos shared on his Instagram which were later shared by YouTuber Life of Palos, Alex shows himself and two other cars surrounded by cop cars, likely due to the donuts and other stunts that were seen on his social media earlier on in the evening.

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It seems that the cops did specifically target Nate though, rather than Alex. He was in his Tesla (not seen earlier in the evening) and in one particular video the camera pans over to the McLaren with Alex asking “oh Nate… what did you do?”

Sadly there is no further information on how the evening’s events panned out; But in a set of photos posted to his Instagram, it seems Alex got his own form of ‘revenge’ on the cops.

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the tables have turned…

A post shared by Alex C (@alex.choi) on

In the post, it appears that Alex has ‘pulled over’ a police car in his own twin-turbocharged, highly-customized Lamborghini Huracan.

The whole thing was in jest, of course; But between the caption of the image series and the comment section, plenty of people – Alex included – wished it was a real case of turning the tables on the cops themselves.

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