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5 top US car YouTubers you need to subscribe to

Published: 5/Aug/2020 16:46

by Kieran Bicknell


We all love the incredible amounts of top-quality content that is available at the click of a button on YouTube, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. To help narrow your search for US-based car YouTubers, here’s five of the best (in no particular order) that deserve a place on your subscription list.

We’ve already given our list of the best UK-based car YouTubers, if that’s more your scene. But, this time, we’ll be looking at those YouTubers driving on the other side of the road.



Based out of Park City, Utah; TheStradman has one of the most eclectic and constantly-changing supercar garages of any YouTuber in the US.

With his informal and relaxed vlogging style, watching TheStradman’s videos feels more like you’re tagging along as a friend, rather than watching from the outside. Expect plenty of supercar builds, personal life vlogs, and some of the most insane vehicles you’ve ever seen on a public road.


For fans of: Vlogs, supercars, and garage tours.


A mixture of sunny Californian car spotting and POV vlogs, effspot is one of the best-known car culture YouTubers on the west coast.

Since almost all of effspot’s videos are shot from a POV perspective, they immerse you in a way that ‘regular’ vlogs can struggle to do so. Alongside supercar spotting in Beverly Hills, you can expect have plenty of retro car content, crazy modified cars, and very, very expensive exhausts.


For fans of: Regular Vlogs, modified cars, and car spotting.


Seamlessly blending jaw-dropping cinematics, fascinating stories, and grassroots car culture; Krispy is one of the kings of automotive film-making in the USA.

Krispy’s incredible films will make you feel like you’re living in a fast and furious-esque movie; Make sure you set aside plenty of time to fully immerse yourself in these amazing works.


As well as these frankly gorgeous feature-length films and documentaries, Krispy also releases behind-the-scenes vlogs, audience interaction videos, and regular updates on his Subaru Legacy project car.

For fans of: Feature-length films, car culture, and documentaries.


Adam LZ

Adam LZ must have one of the biggest drift-focused garages on YouTube, and while many YouTubers don’t use their collections, Adam seems hell-bent on having the most fun he can with as many of his cars as possible.

While his car collection is amazing, Adam is perhaps best known for his drifting videos which regularly see him blowing up or setting his cars on fire in the name of scoring the most style points possible.

For fans of: Drifting, Japanese cars, and tuning culture.


Perhaps a little different from what you might expect to find on a list like this; Tavarish buys broken, written-off, and famous supercars (including the Lamborghini from The Fast and Furious,) then documents the rebuilding process for you to enjoy.

What’s fascinating about Tavarish’s videos is that they show a side to supercar ownership not many other YouTubers will talk about. Seeing how these broken beasts are dismantled and brought back to life is a strangely satisfying process, and no doubt you’ll learn a thing or two in the process.

For fans of: Movie cars, documentary series, and supercar builds.


Top Gear’s Chris Harris slams “stupid” $625k Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Published: 8/Oct/2020 14:56 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 14:57

by Kieran Bicknell


As presenter of BBC’s Top Gear, Chris Harris is living out his boyhood dream. Inevitably, once in a while a supercar is going to come along that really gets his back up, and it seems the brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale has done exactly that.

Harris hasn’t always been a household TV name. Prior to joining Top Gear in 2016, Harris presented his own series on YouTube, along with writing for the likes of Autocar and Evo magazine in England.


After a famous falling-out with Ferrari back in 2011 (which saw him banned from reviewing their cars for two years) it seems Harris is still on good terms with the Italian brand, but that may be about to change.

Unfortunately for Ferrari, Chris Harris is definitely not a fan of the new SF90 Stradale hybrid, not even in the top-range ‘Assetto Fiorano’ trim. Costing a whopping $625,000 without options, the SF90 represents a new direction for Ferrari. Sadly, it seems that it’s not a good direction, at least according to Harris.

Chris Harris with Ferrari SF90 Stradale Assetto Fiorano
YouTube: Top Gear
Harris was not a fan of Ferrari’s new flagship hybrid supercar, the SF90 Stradale.

Chris Harris reviews the Ferrari SF90 Stradale

He believes that supercar manufacturers are going down a “rabbit hole of performance,” chasing ever-decreasing 0-60 times and fighting for the fastest lap times possible. The SF90 seems to fall firmly into this category for Harris, and he wasted no time tearing into the apex supercar.

“The thing is undeniably impressive” he admitted when asked about his opinion on the car, but that’s about as much praise as he had. “It’s a vehicle you find yourself admiring rather than lusting after, it trades in applying forces to the body of the driver, that’s really it.”

The complexity of the SF90 is a big issue, as is the brutal performance. “It’s so fast, you don’t have time to understand what’s going on… it’s stupid” said Chris. He does admit that the characteristics of the car are “sensational” but they sadly don’t make up for its pitfalls.


Practicality is a big concern too, as the location of the SF90’s electric motors in the front means that it can’t carry luggage. This transforms it from a car into a “toy” according to Harris, as there’s no practicality to it whatsoever.

The SF90 is “nearly as quick as a LaFerrari”

While Ferraris are often lauded as the prettiest cars on the road, even styling can’t save the SF90. In his words, Chris said “it looks like it was styled by a computer, rather than some Italian bloke with a pencil… It’s lacking emotion.”

Summing up, Chris says despite the fact the SF90 is “nearly as quick as a LaFerrari” its stablemate, the F8 Tributo, is far better.


“Give me 500hp, 950kg, a manual gearbox, and maybe a little bit of electricity to get through town quietly and start-up quietly in front of my neighbors; Give me that, and that’s the car I want.”

Whether his harsh words will lead to another falling out with Ferrari is uncertain, but with many praising his honesty, it’s unlikely Harris is going to change any time soon.