5 hilarious instant karma car crashes and fails

Kieran Bicknell. Last updated: Aug 21, 2020
Car Crash

Often stupid drivers go unpunished, save for a few choice words out of bystanders mouths. But sometimes karma bites back instantly, and thankfully for us, someone is there to record it for our enjoyment.

YouTube is a goldmine of instant karma videos, featuring everything pulling stupid maneuvers in front of cops to showing off gone wrong.

With so many to choose from, we’ve narrowed down five of the best, funniest, and most satisfying ‘instant karma’ videos for you to enjoy.

1. Brake checking a cop is a terrible idea

Clip starts at 00:47

Brake checking is stupid, reckless, and dangerous at the best of times. The act of speeding up, pulling in front of someone and slamming the brakes on; Brake Checking is often used in insurance fraud or road rage incidents.

Imagine how stupid this driver must have felt when they were too impatient to sit behind an unmarked police car. After passing the cop and brake checking them, justice was instantly served as the cops lit up the offending driver.

2. Showing off ends badly for this truck driver

Clip starts at 3:51

Burnouts can be an impressive way to show your car off and draw a crowd, but they’re best saved for private land and away from public crowds.

Sadly, the driver of this lifted, modified truck clearly didn’t get the memo. Burning rubber in front of a crowd, the driver accelerates forward, straight into the path of an oncoming cop car.

You’d hope that when showing off the driver would’ve been aware of their surroundings, but it seems they were too caught up in the cheers and attention of the crowd rather than looking at what’s in front of them.

3. Clearly, this cop doesn’t like donuts

Clip starts at 1:14

Not only was this drivers’ stunt poorly executed, but it was terribly timed too.

Holding up traffic at an intersection, the owner of this classic American muscle car decided to ‘test’ its rear-wheel-drive capabilities by attempting to perform a series of ‘donuts’ spinning the car around through 360 degrees.

Unfortunately, it seems this is one inexperienced driver, as not a single revolution was complete, and when counter-steering, they nearly slam their classic car into a telephone pole. If that ego dent wasn’t bad enough, it seems he had an audience too…

4. Mustang drivers never learn

Clip starts at 00:30

Mustang drivers have an often-deserved reputation for showing off and making a total mess out of it. Unfortunately, drivers such as the one in the video above only serve to prove this stereotype true.

Pulling out from what appears to be a car show, the yellow Mustang driver tries to show off by drifting the car. Predictably, the driver oversteers and ends up crashing down the embankment into the hedge.

Not only did they make a fool of themselves, but the cops then gave him a few words of advice and likely a ticket; Let’s just hope they learned their lesson.

5. Undercover cops strike again

Clip starts at 14.17

Another shining example of showing off in front of a crowd, the driver of this drift-styled S14 clearly thought the crowd was his only audience. Flooring the throttle and executing a rather well-done burnout, it seems that the car in front of him was watching too.

Unfortunately for the driver, the car in front was actually an undercover police car. Parked up near well-publicized car meets, drivers attempting to show off make great targets for the police, and often attract their attention.

While the burnout was very well executed, it’s unlikely that the police were only pulling him over to award style points.