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5 craziest dash cam videos expose terrible drivers

Published: 1/Sep/2020 15:14

by Kieran Bicknell


Dashcams are an invaluable safety feature for drivers. Providing an impartial witness to any accidents or crashes, they are also a great way to save videos to share on sites such as YouTube for all to enjoy.

With roads getting busier by the year, traffic building up and jobs becoming more and more stressful, it seems that there are more idiots on the road now than ever before.

Thankfully, these same bad drivers provide a public service for all to enjoy when they are caught on dashcam, as there is something strangely satisfying about watching bad drivers on YouTube.

Here’s 5 of the best (or should that be worst) for your enjoyment.


1. Slow and steady wins the race

Video starts at 2:17

Impatient drivers are one of the most common causes of accidents on the road, and it seems that this driver is no exception.

In a bid to pass the driver with the dashcam, this red coupe decided to overtake and cut in front of the cammer’s car. Unfortunately, the coupe driver misjudged the gap terribly, resulting in the car being spun out and wrecked.

Thankfully no one was badly hurt, and the dashcammers car only suffered very minor damage.

2. Having a fast car doesn’t make you a good driver

Video starts at 3:59

When joining a motorway in the UK, you’re expected to get up to the speed limit (or as close to it as possible) before you join the carriageway.


Unfortunately, it seems the driver of this Jaguar decided the slip road was the perfect place to test the performance of his luxury sedan, which ended in a predictably disastrous way.

Rounding the bend onto the slip road, the driver was pushing the car too hard in the corner and the back end stepped out. In an attempt to correct the skid, they seemingly over-compensated the counter-steer and plowed straight into the side of another unsuspecting motorist.

Thankfully both cars involved were able to safely pull onto the hard shoulder.

3. This driver nearly required more than one hearse

Video starts at 4:10

Overtaking on a narrow road is never a good idea. But this driver takes it one step further by overtaking when there is traffic turning right across the road ahead.


To make matters worse, the driver of the red SUV not only overtook dangerously but nearly plowed at considerable speed into the side of a (thankfully unladen) hearse.

Had they been a second or two slower, the hearse may well have been needed for those caught up in the prevailing accident. Thankfully the crash was avoided, but watching the footage will make you gasp at how close it was to disaster.

4. How did this driver ever earn their license

Video starts at 1:13

What begins as a silly (but harmless) maneuver quickly escalates into a full-on accident.

The driver of this red sedan cut up the camera car in a last-ditch attempt to exit the freeway, cutting across two lanes of traffic in the process.


While that was a pretty stupid thing to do, it seems the drive is either distracted, running from someone or DUI as they then leave the road and fly into a field due to misjudging the corner ahead of them.

Thankfully it seems like a fairly minor incident, but the cause of the lady’s erratic driving remains unknown.

5. This driver nearly needed their own ambulance

Video starts at 10:12

For most people flashing lights, sirens, and a luminous green/yellow paint scheme is enough to alert them to the presence of emergency vehicles.

Seemingly that’s not the case for this driver in the UK, who chose to pull out in front of an Ambulance who was clearly on their way to an emergency call.


Thankfully the ambulance managed to stop in time, but those extra few seconds can sometimes be literally the difference between life and death for a patient, so lets hope this drivers terrible judgement didn’t cause any knock-on effect.

Bonus video: Police can be bad drivers too

Video starts at 5:57

Just to prove that emergency services aren’t all angels on the road, it seems that the driver of this police car in Kent, England, chose to play the ‘power card’ forcing the oncoming driver backward.

While this is only a minor indiscretion, but there are a number of different spaces for the police car to pull in, not to mention they could’ve waited another 30 seconds or so for the car to pass before pulling out of their parking space.