Woman claims she was banned from Tinder over Call of Duty 1v1 challenges

Jacob Hale
Side by side image of Tinder logo and the Kar98k marksman rifle in Modern Warfare 3

A woman claimed she had received a ban from dating app Tinder due to her challenging her matches to 1v1s in Call of Duty.

On June 16, CoD content creator Terran posted on Twitter, claiming: “I’m banned from Tinder for asking guys to 1v1 me.”

Attached was a screenshot of a ban notification from Tinder, which stated: “Your account has been banned for promoting sex work or seeking compensated relationships.”

Just a few hours later, Terran followed up with an update to the story, saying that she had actually been unbanned and could get back to challenging her matches.

Terran’s reign of terror didn’t end there, however.

Just a day later, she posted two screenshots: one, a series of messages in which someone — presumably somebody met on Tinder — agreed to a quick scope 1v1 match on Modern Warfare 3. The other, a picture of the final game ended screen, in which Terran had beaten them 30-0.

“I just nuked, 30-0’ed a man from Tinder I feel so bad right now,” she said.

Terran hasn’t provided an update yet on whether there will be a second 1v1, but needless to say, her opponent might want to reconsider his strategy if he agrees to another one.

There are no rules specifically in the Tinder terms and conditions stating that users can’t challenge matches to 1v1s, which might explain why Terran’s ban was overturned so quickly.

This isn’t the first time Terran has challenged her matches to 1v1s, with one opponent even accusing her of being a hacker back in May.

Unfortunately for this player, this loss may be even more shameful than 100 Thieves CEO and nine-time Call of Duty champion Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s 1v1 loss to FaZe Clan CEO Ricky ‘Banks’ Bergstrom.

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