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Will Call of Duty: Blackout ever get a night mode?

Published: 14/May/2019 10:27 Updated: 14/May/2019 12:13

by Connor Bennett


Since the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, players have been endlessly searching for ways to alter the PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale have games at different times of the day, but a complete switch between daytime and night-time has yet to be seen – even though it’s been teased by Apex Legends.

It’s something that has also been teased for Blackout since it’s inception, yet, it’s never really been brought to life – leaving players wondering if they will ever get to see a true time shift in their surroundings.

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TreyarchA night map was teased with Operation Grand Heist – but only Alcatraz has gone dark.

Back in October of 2018, David Vonderhaar revealed to Eurogamer that having a day and night cycle in Blackout was completely possible. The game design director stated that Treyarch “have that capability” and it’s “when and how do we deploy that capability,” as long as it doesn’t affect the performance of matches.


However, considering that it is still yet to have been seen properly in Blackout – if you forget about the nightly backdrop of the Alcatraz side mode – players who are still desperate to see the complete shift have had to come up with their own ideas for how it might look.

In a post to the Black Ops 4 dedicated subreddit, user throwawaybutnotrlly, showed off their concept idea for how the map might look in the dark – complete with the moon and stars for added background lighting, and fully working street lights to pave the way for intense battles in meekly lighted backgrounds. 


Reddit: throwawaybutnotrllyA night time map would give Blackout a completely new look.
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Will a night map ever happen?

Considering Vonderhaar has teased the move, and the Blackout map has changed the time of day since it’s launch, the possibility of starting a game in the day and finishing in the moonlight might not be out of the question.

It remains to be seen if Treyarch ever hits that switch and becomes the first battle royale to utilize a true day and night cycle during its matches.