When is Warzone Pacific Season 4? Season 3 end date, Caldera changes, more

Warzone character with gun and Pacific logoActivision

Warzone Season 3 is rapidly coming to a close, and fans of the CoD battle royale are wondering what to expect with Season 4. We’ve got you covered as we run through when that will be and what changes to expect to Caldera, Rebirth Island and Vanguard. 

Warzone’s third season of the Vanguard era dropped on April 27, with Season 3 Reloaded following at the end of May. All in all, the two major updates changed much about Warzone, bringing us new POIs and ending the sniper rifles’ long-held dominance.

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We also got an epic clash of the titans when Godzilla met Kong, paving the way for Season 4 of Warzone Pacific. But when will it come and what will it bring?

Warzone Season 3 Classified ArmsActivision
Season 3 came on April 27.

When is Warzone Season 4? Season 3 end date

Activision do not give firm dates for when new seasons will begin. However, using the Season 3 battle pass gives us a date for when that will end and Season 4 will begin.

Currently, the Season 3 Battle Pass is set to expire on 22 June 2022. We therefore expect Season 4 to begin on or just after that date.

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It is worth saying that, because of the prevalence of bugs and glitches in Warzone, some recent seasons have been delayed to allow the devs more time to include fixes in the updates.

As of June 11, there is no indication that Season 4 will be pushed back by Raven or Activision.

Vargo 52 being used in Black Ops Cold War with Warzone Pacific logoActivision
Warzone Season 4 is not all that far off.

Warzone & Vanguard Season 4: new content

As we have approached Season 4 more details have eked out and we now have some idea of what to expect in the upcoming patch.

Firstly, Raven have promised Season 4 will bring “one of the biggest shifts Caldera has had since launch”, so we can expect new POIs and some areas to undergo transformations.

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Vanguard will also receive new content – with at least one multiplayer map and a few new guns standard drops at the beginning of new seasons. While information on the latter is scarce, leaks point to CoD: WWII’s USS Texas map as a new environment for Vanguard multiplayer.

That’s all the information we have at the moment, but we will update this page as and when updates are available.