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JGOD explains why Modern Warfare 2 reveal has him “nervous” about Warzone 2

Published: 11/Jun/2022 10:22

by Connor Bennett


Warzone guru JGOD has revealed that he’s a little “nervous” about Warzone 2 due to the focus on realism being pushed by the devs as he’s got concerns about new mechanics. 

After Infinity Ward and Activision finally confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 would be the 2022 release for Call of Duty, the community has been abuzz with excitement about it.

The hype only increased on June 8, when players finally got their first look at actual gameplay with the campaign reveal. Plus, on top of that, a number of CoD YouTubers and streamers were able to share some of the early answers they’d got about changes to multiplayer and even Warzone 2.


While many fans are excited to see what comes next, JGOD has revealed that he’s got a bit of nervousness about Warzone 2, and he’s desperate to get some hands-on.

modern warfare 2 captain price Modern Warfare 2 will release in October.

In his June 8 video, the Warzone stats guru revealed that he’d been invited to check out Modern Warfare 2 early and put some questions to Infinity Ward over the changes they’ve made to the game since MW 2019.

While the YouTuber shared his excitement for some of the Gunsmith changes, new movement mechanics, and new equipment, he does harbor some concerns.

“They’re going for a lot of realistic things, sometimes, like I said, to a fault,” he said about some of the changes. JGOD noted while players will now be able to swim, and even fight underwater, that may create some headaches. As it stands, players are only able to use pistols or knives in water fights, so if they’re running two primary weapons with Overkill then they’re “at a huge disadvantage.”


The YouTuber did, however, give props to the devs for taking player feedback on board, but noted more details will come out about that before long.

He did also note that he’ll have to get hands-on with the game in a later build to see how things truly shake out.