CoD Vanguard leak reveals popular World War 2 map coming soon

cod vanguard logo with blurred background of uss texasActivision

A new Call of Duty: Vanguard leak has shown a bunch of code strings for an upcoming update in the game, revealing that a popular World War 2 map will be arriving in the game soon.

Since the Vanguard developers were also the brain behind World War II, it makes sense that they would bring some popular maps from the 2017 title into the current day with Vanguard.

While rumors have run rampant since the game launched over which maps could come back, with London Docks being one particularly strong rumor, the first WWII map to come to Vanguard looks set to be something completely different.

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According to CODSploitzLeaks on Twitter, in a post that has since been withheld by the copyright holder, USS Texas, Sledgehammer Games’ answer to Hijacked, looks set to arrive in an upcoming update.

USS Texas became a hugely popular map in World War 2, with a range of different sightlines and verticality, allowing for players of all different playstyles to thrive.

It’s unclear whether this is the only World War 2 map to be coming in Vanguard’s lifecycle before Modern Warfare 2 drops on October 28.

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As mentioned, the London Docks rumors have been rampant, but it’s still nowhere to be seen with just a few months left of Vanguard before MW2 arrives.

Vanguard gets new maps each season, but this would mark the first time they go back and revisit past work, following in the footsteps of both Treyarch and Infinity Ward with remastering popular maps.