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Warzone’s latest anti-cheat measures are finally getting hackers angry

Published: 14/May/2020 0:10 Updated: 14/May/2020 0:21

by Theo Salaun


The Call of Duty Warzone cheating community is livid following recent efforts by Infinity Ward to crack down on hackers with shadowbans and two-factor authentication. 

In what is one of gaming’s most cathartic experiences, the hackers who have been ruining Warzone lobbies have finally gotten what’s coming to them, and they’re furious about it.

While sharing the sites in which hacks are sold is forbidden on the official Warzone subreddit, users have begun sharing reactions of cheaters who now find themselves shadowbanned from the BR without any recourse.


With Infinity Ward now requiring two-step SMS authentication for all new PC users, the most popular tool for circumventing punishment has now been slashed. This, in combination with IW’s implementation of shadowbans for hackers, has broken the spirits (and the pockets) of the cheating community.

“Now I can never play Warzone again because the account that had my phone number on it is shadowbanned!” an anonymous but confessed-cheater said. “And you have to have a valid phone number to play the game! By far worst service I’ve bought and a big regret of mine.”



Turns out that there are many reactions similar to that one; these guys are “very, very displeased” and those tears, salty as they may be, are music to the ears of those who play the game fairly.

In the past, cheaters could receive a ban after ruining lobbies and then comfortably just swap to a new free account.

Already breaking bank on codes, those desperate for cheesy kills now need to throw ducats at new phones too.

Redditor 'aur0n'A screengrab of a hacker being none too pleased with his bans.

In another instance, grabbed by ‘berdxD’ on Reddit, a hacker complains that “obviously online disposable numbers aren’t helping out, and detaching my actual number and attaching it to multiple accounts doesn’t work either.” 

They finish their whining rant by asking if there is “any way to bypass this?” 

No word yet on if anyone has responded that the only remaining way to bypass their issues is to get better at the game, fairly.

More satisfaction for people who love this game. No, there’s no way to bypass it, my friend. from CODWarzone



Infinity Ward have generally tried to remain unpredictable in their efforts to curb hackers, as that’s typically the best way to protect against punishment. They caught a lot of players by surprise when they recently implemented a change that put suspected hackers in the same lobbies together.

And this move, banning phone numbers instead of accounts, was no exception, as they dropped it suddenly without anyone knowing what was coming.

For now, continue to report these cheaters while they slowly but surely realize they’re shadowbanned by spending hours in queue looking for a match.

Call of Duty

Warzone team banned from $250k Twitch Rivals event after cheating scandal

Published: 22/Jan/2021 10:34 Updated: 22/Jan/2021 10:42

by Brad Norton


The $250K Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Warzone event hit a major snag in the road on January 21, as alleged cheaters were disqualified from the competition ahead of the closing round.

One of the biggest Warzone events to date set the scene for one of the biggest cheating scandals to date. Amidst the five-rounds of private lobby action, a number of Warzone’s veteran competitors began to accuse players of cheating in the tournament.

The Trio of METZY_B, kyrptic_j0ker, & Unifyz were disqualified from the competition in light of these allegations. This ban came through before players dropped into the fifth and final match of the day.

“Based on the evidence submitted from various sources in and out of the tournament, [Twitch has] determined that [their] gameplay was unnatural beyond a reasonable doubt,” event host Caleb ‘WavePunk’ Simmons explained.

As a result of their disqualification, Twitch opted to move forward with the event. Rather than restarting or replaying on a different date, the fifth map continued with one less team.

Accusations made against Metzy_B

Accusations started piling up after the fourth round of action. Players noticed some extremely sharp aim coming from METZY_B in particular. 

Resident Warzone investigator Tommey was soon on the case, as he began to dissect the footage. It was peculiar auto-aim that caught his eye, as the suspected cheater immediately “locked on” to an opposing player in the clip.

Given the $250K up for grabs, there was plenty at stake. $45,000 was on the line for the winning team, while even a last place finish would have awarded the alleged cheaters $1,200. However, METZY_B and his team were “ineligible for prizing,” Twitch soon confirmed. 

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the controversy to spill across social media, with many of Warzone’s biggest names repeating their gripes with the lack of an effective anti-cheat system.

“Unfortunately without anti-cheat, authentic Warzone tournaments just aren’t possible anymore,” NICKMERCS said. “There’s too much cheese & way too many rats.”

Despite this, it later became clear that, perhaps, the players in the tournament had jumped the gun early with their accusations…

METZY_B clears his name

After being kicked from the tournament, METZY_B joined Tommey’s Discord call in an attempt to clear his name, showing his PC, the programs he’s been using and more.

While METZY wasn’t reinstated to the tournament, some critics have deleted their tweets and Tommey, after investigating the situation, conceded that he got it wrong this time and there “wasn’t enough to go as far as it did.”

He later clarified that he played no part in reporting METZY to the admins of the tournament or forcing his removal, but the player is “more than welcome to take his earnings” from the event.

Game five continued with one less team in the lobby. Champions were crowned and the $250K prize pool was split accordingly. Be sure to check out our event hub for a full recap of the troubled Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament.