Warzone vehicles return to Rebirth Island with “invisible wall” glitch

Warzone Rebirth Island gameplayActivision

Following Warzone’s April 13 update, which saw vehicles reintroduced on Rebirth Island, players have encountered a new “invisible wall” glitch in the Payload playlist.

The April 13 update hit the game early on in the day with small bug fixes and additions into the game. One of the things that it reintroduced was vehicles across the Rebirth Island map. This means vehicles are also back in the Payload playlist as a result.

Despite fans jumping back into the mode right away, they were immediately met with a new issue.

There’s no telling exactly how this new invisible wall glitch occurred. Though one thing is for certain., it will make Warzone players sick to their stomach if it occurs to them like in the Reddit clip.

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New “invisible wall” glitch on Rebirth Island

In the clip, the players struggle to get hitmarkers or any sort of register when shooting at an enemy player.

It truly does seem as though there is an invisible wall in-between him and the enemy. All this is happening while he is riding in the back of a vehicle.

Trucks play a huge role in Payload as the objective is to help move it from point A to B when on offense.

In the comments, one reply suggested that the glitch is still there from when Payload was on Verdansk. While others suggest that it does not only happen from the inside of the truck shooting outside, but also from the outside of the truck trying to shoot inside.

The Warzone community is already used to bugs relating to hit-reg and invisible walls. However, one could argue that it’s not ideal for it to be just hours after the new patch is released reintroducing vehicles back in Warzone.

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Raven Software has yet to comment on the issue. There are bound to be further information and updates regarding the glitch as Season 3 is just around the corner.