Warzone April 13 update patch notes: Vehicles back in Rebirth, PP19 Bizon fix

warzone april 13 update with vehiclesActivision

Raven Software rolled out a new Warzone update on April 13 which re-activates vehicles on Rebirth Island and fixes a Modern Warfare SMG, the Bizon. Here, we have the full patch notes.

Although it might seem like a small patch made by Warzone developers, Raven Software, it may cause a couple of changes when playing the beloved battle royale game.

Along with the Bizon change to damage, there is also a tweak regarding players being prevented from inviting friends via the social menu in Warzone. The problem has been mainly affecting console players.

After being removed from Rebirth Island on April 11, vehicles have returned to Rebirth Island, so expect to see players driving around again moving forward.

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Warzone April 13 update: Full patch notes

bizon in warzoneInfinity Ward/Dexerto
The Bizon has seen a small tweak in Warzone’s April 13 update.

There are only about four things to cover when it comes to the April 13 patch.

It is a smaller update, however, it is full of important patches that may need to be made to make the Warzone Pacific and Rebirth experience better.


  • Vehicles are back on Rebirth Island
  • Bizon fixed regarding right-side extremities to take 20 or 27 damage
  • The bug preventing players from inviting players via the social menu is fixed
  • Issue fixed the causes staged loot to despawn in Rebirth

These tweaks were confirmed by Raven on Twitter, and on their blog page. 

Ongoing problems focused on in-the-lobby issues and problems in Rebirth Island have been addressed, which will be a boost for players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

These changes are all working up towards Warzone Season 3, which is expected to land on April 26, 2022. Whether or not additional patches will be rolled out before this time remains to be seen.

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