Warzone players demand “stupid” Rebirth Island Plunder feature is removed

plane flying over cod warzone's rebirth island mapActivision

Rebirth Island’s Plunder mode is among the most popular sub-modes in Call of Duty: Warzone, but some players think it needs to scrap one key feature to get even better.

Plunder is a game mode in which a player or team can rack up insane amounts of cash that are formulated on the ground as loot, as well as kills and XP. The goal is to make the most amount of cash possible to get a huge amount of XP in the end.

While it’s popular, not everybody is satisfied with how it works on the smaller map, Rebirth Island.

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The Plunder helicopter, in particular, has been described as “irritating” and “unnecessary” by members of the community, as some are calling for its removal.

Warzone players don’t want this Plunder feature

Plunder Attack Helicopters

In a Reddit post uploaded by a user called Cit1es, the Warzone player explained what needs to change in Plunder, on Rebirth Island, for it to improve.

They said: “The Helicopters that come in once the game is almost over… I get having them on big maps I guess (still never liked having them and honestly no one I know does) but they absolutely DO NOT WORK ON REBIRTH. The map is too small.”

The post goes on to list examples from personal experiences, such as being shot and killed by the helicopters in really small circles – as well as the loud sound it causes.

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“Late game when the helicopters come in, the map is so small you are constantly being shot by them, constantly, wherever you are,” the Redditor continued. “The absolute worst part is because of them shooting everywhere it is almost impossible to figure out if you are being shot by an enemy or the helicopters, it completely throws you off and you don’t know who or what to engage.”

Rebirth Island attack helicopter counter

In the comments, another member of the community offered a counterpoint.

rebirth island players running with CDL Resurgence logo in cornerActivision
Rebirth Island’s Plunder needs to change, according to Warzone players.

The user suggested: “The attack choppers? Cold Blooded counters them.”

In the replies, the original poster said: “Regardless of what their counters are they shouldn’t be on a small map like Rebirth and we shouldn’t have to waste a perk on a stupid copy-paste mechanic that quite obviously doesn’t work on the map.

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“They ruin gunfights completely because you have no idea where to engage or who or what is shooting you. It completely messes up the game and there is absolutely no place for them on Rebirth.”

While this player – and many others in the comments – have ended up concluding that the choppers should be completely removed from battle, it remains to be seen whether or not Raven Software will make such a change in the future.