Warzone star Aydan accidentally breaks world record using new AMP63 pistol

. 1 year ago
warzone aydan world record amp63 pistol
Andbox / Activision

Warzone streamer and top earner Aydan has set yet another world record. This time, though, he was just messing around with the new AMP63 pistol and stumbled into… 52 kills.

Nobody really understands how skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) works in Call of Duty: Warzone. Usually you’re in lobbies around your level, but sometimes you get blessed with a lobby below your standards. 

That was the case for Aydan, who casually walked into Verdansk to warm up for a tournament solo vs trios — only to find out he was a butcher walking into a slaughterhouse. 

While messing around with a unique AMP63 class, Aydan realized about halfway through that he was in a gift of a lobby. But the streamer didn’t change to a sweatier class, he just kept things rolling. Little did he know, by the end, he had set a world record.

Aydan is Warzone’s highest earner for a reason, as the player meshes positioning, mobility, and gun skill seamlessly. And, having lucked into an absolute “Timmy Turner” lobby (his words), those skills were put to work.

From parkour pushes to slide-cancel slayings, Aydan stormed through Verdansk while making the AMP63 look like the next meta loadout in Season 4. Playing 1v3 and trying out a pistol for the first time, racking up 52 kills is no small feat — no matter how weak the lobby is.

It turns out that the lobby Aydan was playing in had an average K/D of… 0.76. He’s very upfront about this fact and doesn’t know how it was gifted to him. Honestly, he doesn’t even seem to realize the kind of pace he’s on until halfway through the match.

Once Aydan does start taking it seriously, though, he ramps up and ignores his teammates’ calls to quit out so they can start the tournament. By the time he finishes up, the lobby is obliterated and he has his fifth world record in the bag.

The AMP63 class doesn’t look too bad and can be seen at the start of his video. Still, one has to wonder how many kills he would have racked up if he was running an MP5 instead.

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