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Return of Warzone’s MP7? Breaking down JGOD’s favorite sniper support loadouts

Published: 25/Jul/2021 1:34

by Theo Salaun


As Call of Duty: Warzone’s meta shifts around in Season 4, a fan-favorite classic may be making a return. JGOD broke down the best sniper support loadouts and Modern Warfare’s MP7 made the cut.

Sniper support is an important role in Warzone. While players typically run an AR primary for medium-to-long range and an SMG (or shotgun) secondary for close range, things change when you’ve got a sniper in hand.

With the Kar98k and Swiss K31 being so strong currently, people are looking for the best gun to pair them with. It used to be the M4-A1, then the RAM-7, then, most recently, the Milano and XM4 — but those all got nerfed.


Following Season 4’s huge batch of changes, YouTuber and Warzone guru JGOD explored all sniper-support classes. Of seven final candidates, he honed in on the three best sniper-support loadouts: Cold War AK-47, Milano, and MP7.

Warzone’s best sniper support loadouts: AK, Milano, MP7

jgod warzone best sniper support loadouts

As you can see in the picture above, JGOD breaks down the TTK for all seven considered classes (including the RAM-7, M4-A1, XM4, and FARA 83). While he looks at all body parts in the video, chest shots feel the most relevant given how often people aim there.

Each of the three best loadouts have different specialties. The AK-47 is the best when only shooting limbs and the strongest with chest shots from about 23-30 meters, but it suffers from a small mag size and tough recoil.


Interestingly, the MP7 jumps into viable territory with everything else getting nerfed. The classic Modern Warfare SMG has the fastest stomach TTK by far and fastest chest TTK — both up until about 15 meters. 

The Milano, however, appears to be the most balanced option of all. It has a great TTK up until about 23 meters, after which it drops, but becomes better than both the MP7 and AK past about 30 meters.

If you want an SMG with the recoil control to handle business a little closer to medium range, the MP7 therefore looks like the best option. But, if you want consistency at all ranges and aren’t weirded out by the open bolt delay, the Milano is probably your friend.


You can see JGOD’s preferred classes for each gun in the screenshot and video, but you can also refer to our loadout sheets (including JGOD, Aydan, and more streamers) if you want to mix things up.