Warzone test reveals MAC-10 Blueprint is stronger than base weapon

Warzone gameplayActivision

Certain weapon Blueprints have been determined more powerful than their default counterparts in Warzone, including one for the MAC-10, according to new tests following the January 6 update.

Weapon Blueprints are supposed to provide options to Warzone players. From visual flair to unique attachment setups, their purpose is to simply stand out out from the base version of particular guns.

However, recent tests have revealed key differences between standard guns and their various Blueprints. Rather than simply changing the appearance, Blueprints have been found to alter performance.

Black Ops Cold War’s MAC-10 is one particular weapon in focus. Following a set of January 6 nerfs, it appears as though the Blueprints for this SMG are still as powerful as they were before.

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Reducing the headshot multiplier effect for the MAC-10 was the intention of the latest patch. Having dominated the meta for most of Season One, this was a way to scale the gun back slightly. Unfortunately, these adjustments only seem to have applied to the default gun.

While testing the Gallantry Blueprint for the MAC-10 without any attachments, Warzone YouTuber ‘JGOD’ noticed some differences. First up, damage hasn’t been scaled down whatsoever. From a relatively close range, this version of the gun still deals 40 damage for a shot to the head. 

“This isn’t working as intended,” he stressed. The recent patch brought the base version of the gun down to 30 damage per headshot.

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What might be a simple oversight from the developers could have drastic implications on Warzone. Until a new hotfix is deployed, players will still essentially be able to use the pre-nerf version of the MAC-10.

Warzone recoil comparisonYouTube: JGOD
Default recoil can be seen on the left in an ‘S-type’ curve. Meanwhile, Blueprint recoil can be seen on the right in a simpler line.

Alongside this damage discrepancy, JGOD also noticed two other key factors. Recoil was considerably easier to control with the Blueprint version of the SMG.

Rather than an ‘S-type’ recoil pattern from the standard gun, the Gallantry version comes with a simpler pattern that tracks up and to the right.

Moreover, the hipfire crosshair is slightly more honed in with the Blueprint weapon as well. Again, this is without any attachments equipped. With all of these differences added up, it’s undeniable that there are real performance differences.

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Raven Software is yet to respond to these issues. For the time being, there’s no telling what other weapons this might affect. Various Blueprints could be outright stronger than their default options until a new patch is deployed.