Warzone streamers may need “foot cams” to disprove new cheating technique

. 4 months ago
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The Call of Duty: Warzone world’s latest hacking drama has resulted in a new, below-the-belt development. People are beginning to think that foot cams might be necessary to ensure no foot pedals are being used for cheats.

There’s no shortage of cheating controversy in Warzone (or, since the advent of PC cross-play, in Call of Duty overall). The latest scandal, involving accusations against Shifty, is spurring some new countermeasures.

In the Shifty situation, many suspected the pro player of cheating by toggling silent aimbot on and off. This allegation was recently raised during a $100,000 tournament and then, again, on March 20 after a series of videos were analyzed by ‘Jutedd’ on Twitter.

While some defenders have noted Shifty’s usage of a monitor cam as proof of innocence, another theory has been raised. Someone on Twitter, ‘ZsAR11,’ showed just how easy it is to toggle cheats with a foot pedal.

Warzone hacking with a foot pedal

ZsAR’s video was intended to ‘replicate’ Shifty’s unique aim, showing just how you can subtly use a foot pedal to lock onto targets your crosshair is near. Seeing this in action was shocking for much of the community, who quickly realized how easy a foot pedal makes cheating.

If you compare the video to the recent Shifty footage, it’s easy to see why many think there are similarities. It’s also easy to see why the subtle foot pedal technique is worrying, leading to streamers considering using “foot cams.” 

Should Warzone streamers use foot cams?

Whether joking or not, JoeWo tweeted that “all Warzone Streamers must feet cam with no socks, I don’t make the rules.” This is likely him goofing around, but it remains a measure that some are seriously considering.

MuTeX, who just disproved his own hacking accusations alongside Joe by winning a console tournament, discussed the “foot cam” situation as well.

As MuTeX tweeted, “thank god we see my foot pedal 24/7.” The streamer has used five different cameras in the past to prove his legitimacy, so it’s no surprise he still has one that keeps his foot pedal in view.

It remains to be seen how many Warzone streamers will join MuTeX in showing their foot pedals. Now that the community knows how easy it is to toggle cheats with them, though, it’s very possible more “foot cam” requests start rolling in.

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