Warzone pros MuTeX & JoeWo disprove hack accusers by winning console-only tourney

call of duty warzone consoleActivision / Sony

Call of Duty: Warzone pros MuTeX and JoeWo have been accused of hacking a number of times in the past. So, to disprove their “haters,” the two went ahead and dominated a console-only tournament.

With the emergence of cross-platform play in Call of Duty, cheating has surged into the scene. From suspected hackers in the Call of Duty League circuit to the Warzone world’s cheater drama, PCs have changed the CoD landscape.

Both JoeWo and MuTeX have been subjected to cheating allegations as well, with fans suspicious of the streamers’ gameplay. JoeWo has complained of harassment over hackusations and MuTeX has tried streaming with five different cameras to prove his innocence.

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So, what better way to prove they don’t hack on PC than to put up similar gameplay on console? The two did just that, winning a console-only $1,600 tournament on March 21 and immediately sticking it to their detractors.

Proving the “haters” wrong with a console Warzone win

After winning the console-only event, Joe and MuTeX each took to Twitter to celebrate the occasion. Joe announced the victory with an instant shot at the hack accusers, too: “HATERS ANYTHING ELSE?”

He also elaborated on what the win meant, noting that he and MuTeX won despite only having “one night of practice on console” and that “if you’re talented it doesn’t matter what system you’re on.”

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MuTeX joined in, too, celebrating the win and then preemptively shutting down another possible hack accusation: that he could have been using a Cronus.

No Cronus needed

Since the only way you can really cheat on console is with a Cronus, MuTeX made sure to nip those potential concerns in the bud. The streamer reminded people that he played the tournament “on Bluetooth … All the d**k heads saying I use a Cronus gotta be punching air.”

The majority of replies to the duo’s win have been positive, with people happy to see them perform just as well on console as they did on PC. Some accusers might still not be convinced, but they seem to be in the minority.

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