Warzone star Aydan uses FOV slider trick to avoid imminent death

Theo Salaun
warzone fov slider trick

Look away, console players. Call of Duty: Warzone players on PC have an FOV Slider and, as Aydan proved during a tournament, there’s a trick using it that can mean the difference between life and death.

The FOV Slider is a simple tool: it allows you to change your field of view in-game, so that your screen is either zoomed in or out. On console, including the ‘next-gen’ PS5 and Xbox Series X, players are locked into an 80 FOV.

On PC, players can go from a 60 FOV to a 120 FOV instantly. While most players keep theirs around 110, increasing their peripheral vision, Aydan casually showed why changing your settings mid-game can actually be beneficial.

Parachuting back down to Verdansk, the game’s highest-earning player quickly moved his FOV down to 60 so that he could scout out a loadout over 300 meters away. This sneaky maneuver allowed him to zoom in and make sure it was safe to land on.

While this trick isn’t a world-moving mechanic, it is a useful one that many casual players likely haven’t taken into consideration. Console players have long wanted an FOV Slider so that they can see more action on their screen, but it’s rarely noted that an even-narrower FOV can also be strategic.

If you’re going to do this to scout things out in-game, just make sure that you’re in a safe place to do so. Parachuting hundreds of meters from the ground is an obvious way to make sure you’re a hard target, but there’s also opportunities to scout on the ground as well.

Theoretically, if you don’t have a Spotter Scope or even if you’re just trying to get a little closer with your sniper scope — you could quickly mess with your FOV Slider to zoom in. In a game where scouting situations is so pivotal, any bit of extra intel can be a life-saver.