Warzone shotgun has “zero spread” with this loadout

Kurt Perry
JAK Wardens conversion kit on Lockwoord Mk2 in Warzone.

A shotgun loadout that produces zero pellet spread has been discovered in Warzone, though it needs to be used in a specific way to maximize its potential.

Though rarely a key part of Warzone these days, shotguns have always played a role in Call of Duty’s battle royale. Occasionally, they even take over the meta like the 725, R9-0, and KV Broadside all did in the past.

While the JAK Wardens conversion kit for the Lockwood Mk2 isn’t quite that strong, it can still be built to have zero spread when partnered with the CS15 Scarlet Cylindrical Laser. This is powerful as it gives the Aftermarket Part the ability to instantly kill enemies with perfect accuracy.

Speaking on the loadout, Shotgun expert Goomie expressed that “this laser is so special because it basically eliminates all spread,” before describing the loadout as being capable of “20 meter two shots,” for a TTK of just 631 ms.

Here’s the Lockwood Mk2 loadout you’ll want to use to have zero spread:

  • Conversion Kit: JAK Wardens
  • Muzzle: Bryson Choke
  • Laser: CS15 Scarlet Cylindrical Laser

However, Goomie later acknowledged a huge con of the build, adding: “The big thing is that you can’t really move. The moment you start moving with these lasers equipped, your spread starts.” That is a big trade-off as it forces you to stand still when using these shotguns.

This limits the JAK Wardens’ usefulness for rushing around, as it takes around a second for the laser’s effects to fully kick in after you stop moving. However, if you play slower – holding down corners and buildings – almost nothing beats these shotguns.

While most players will be better off using a top-tier SMG up close, this unique loadout offers something different for those interested. While it’s unlikely to dominate the meta anytime soon, the JAK Wardens are still fairly strong and a lot of fun to use.

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