Warzone player doesn’t know how a Riot Shield works and it’s hilarious

Brianna Reeves
riot shield cod warzone

A Call of Duty: Warzone player hilariously demonstrated their inexperience with Riot Shields, inspiring the creation of a COD x Metal Gear Rising edit.

The Riot Shield has protected players in Call of Duty’s battle royale since day one, proving effective in myriad types of combat tactics.

Interestingly, the Rebirth Reinforced Event that launched earlier this year introduced users to another type of protection device, “The Wall” Combat Shield.

Suffice it to say, players continue finding good uses for the shield, whose blueprint is accessible through the Golden Vault on Rebirth Island.

But it would seem that not everyone is aware of how effective these tools are against bullets and melee weapons.

Riot Shield-centric clip in Warzone is comedic gold

Warzone player and Redditor LordTexugo recently faced off against a player whose weapon of choice included kali sticks. The melee-loving user attacked their opponent relentlessly for seconds on end, an admirable effort indeed.

However, LordTexugo’s use of a Riot Shield kept the enemy at bay with ease. Sharing a video of the kali sticks vs Riot Shield sequence would’ve been funny on its own.

But the Redditor took things a step further, splicing in clips of Raiden’s encounters with Steven Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

As many may recall, Raiden’s attempts to bring down Armstrong proved incredibly difficult because of nanomachines that “harden in response to physical trauma.”

The video below shows Warzone’s Riot Shields aren’t anything to play with either, especially not for those wielding kali sticks.

Why the melee attacker didn’t switch tactics remains a mystery, but LordTexurgo managed to finish the battle with a brutal Finishing Move.

There’s a valuable lesson to be learned here, too – never bring kali sticks to a Riot Shield fight. Evidently, it never ends well for those equipped with the former.