Warzone pro Aydan calls LA Thieves CDL skin “OP” in throwback Roze comparison

Aydan streamingAydan

Warzone 2 has introduced a number of new CDL skins for its Operators, but one could end up being a perfect replacement for the infamous Roze skin. 

Roze has been a popular Operator choice in Warzone since her Rook skin was released back in the game’s Season 5 update. The cosmetic famously dominated both the casual and competitive scene until Activision eventually nerfed it. 

This was largely down to the jet-black color of her outfit and mask, which helped players hide in darkened areas of Verdansk. In fact, the skin was so hard to spot that those using the Roze Rook skin could go unnoticed, even when hiding in plain sight. 

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Not only did this lead to some incredibly frustrating deaths, but it also highlighted just how bad the overall visibility was in Warzone. Fortunately, the nerf has greatly decreased Roze’s effectiveness, but now Aydan believes the LA Thieves CDL skin could be an OP replacement in Warzone 2.

Aydan call out OP Warzone 2 LA Thieves CDL skin 

“Oh hell no, this is OP,” said Aydan. “Wait, this is OP, it’s like all black. That’s f*cking unfair, dude that is a cheat code.” The Call of Duty pro then states how the LA Thieves skin has such a huge advantage over the other team colors. 

Aydan notes that all the other skins have very visible and distinct colors that make them stand out, but the LA Thieves one only has the team’s red logo on its arms and chest. The rest of the skin is completely black. 

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“You’re not going to f*cking see this one,” explained Aydan. “Holy sh*t, Thieves literally got a Roze skin, bro, god damn.” Of course, time will soon tell whether this particular cosmetic will become as notorious as the Roze Rook skin, but for now, it’s clear Aydan has his concerns.