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Warzone players slam Numbers event as “embarrassing” and “lazy”

Published: 22/Sep/2021 10:15

by Alex Garton


Warzone players have voiced their frustration over the ongoing Numbers event, claiming all of the challenges are “low effort” and “lazy”.

Although Warzone receives huge content updates every single season, they’re not regular enough to keep the community busy between each patch.

So, to keep players engaged, Raven Software introduces limited-time events that come with exclusive challenges and rewards.

Well, on September 21, The Numbers event began in-game and tasked players with traveling to various Mobile Broadcast stations across the Verdansk map.

After completing all of the challenges, the community was not impressed with the event and have even labeled it as “embarrassing” and “lazy”.


The Numbers event Warzone
The Numbers event began on September 21.

Warzone players disappointed with “terrible” Numbers event

The reaction from the community has not been positive when it comes to the new Numbers event, with players disappointed at how little impact the challenges have on the game.

On September 22, a day after the event went live, TheDudeofDudez voiced their frustration on Reddit about the simplicity of the challenges and how boring they are to complete.

It’s obvious the player base was expecting this event to have an impact on the gameplay, or at least include a unique animation or instance. However, in its current state, it’s just a case of visiting a Mobile Broadcast station and listening to a set of numbers.


“Walk up to a van and press a button, hear some numbers and that’s it, nothing cool happens, must have taken them 5 minutes to come up with and implement”.

This Numbers “event”/game mode is embarrassingly low effort. Terrible from CODWarzone

Countless other players in the thread agreed with TheDudeofDudez’s comments, even expressing how the audio from the event was interfering with the standard gameplay in the BR modes: “Love just randomly getting audio that interferes with my ability to hear people”.

As a whole, it’s clear the player base was expecting a lot more from this event, especially considering it’s so close to the official release of Call of Duty: Vanguard.


Let’s hope Raven is holding back ready for the upcoming integration, as that’s looking like their best opportunity to impress the community.