Warzone players share easy trick to unlock Vargo 52 AR in Modern Warfare

Warzone players share easy trick to unlock Vargo 52 AR in Modern WarfareActivision

Warzone players have discovered a simple trick that allows them to unlock the new Vargo 52 assault rifle in Modern Warfare. 

In a March 4 Black Ops Cold War update, players were given a brand-new assault rifle that is now available across Warzone and Cold War.

However, this isn’t being handed out for free; players must complete a challenge in order to access this in the FPS titles.

While it is a Cold War gun, Modern Warfare owners are actually in luck as Warzone players have found a method to unlock the gun in the 2019 CoD, and it’s super easy.

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How to unlock Vargo 52 in Modern Warfare 

New York Subliners content creator ‘MavriqGG’ informed players there is a glitch to unlock the Vargo 52 on Modern Warfare, and it hasn’t been patched. To unlock this weapon, all you need to do is 1,000 damage with an assault rifle in 15 different games. And this trick makes it even easier.


Players only have to deal 1,000 damage in a Modern Warfare lobby and then immediately leave said lobby. Despite backing out, the game will still count your progress toward the 15 games needed to unlock.

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This was previously tested out back in February by JGOD when a glitch was in the game to unlock the gun early.

As seen from his clip, the new AR unlocks once you complete the challenge. This means you will have access to it across all of Cold War (including Zombies) and in Warzone.

If you don’t own Modern Warfare or Cold War, then you will need to complete the challenge in Warzone. This can be tougher though, as you must finish 15 different matches and do at least 1,000 damage in each.

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