Warzone devs respond as Iron Trials meta dominated by “broken” marksman rifle loadout

Theo Salaun
warzone rebirth island g43 marksman rifle

Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest update combined fan-favorite modes by bringing Iron Trials to Rebirth Island. It also brought a bug that turned marksman rifles into the overpowered meta, so devs are investigating.

To kick March off, Raven Software introduced a new playlist: Rebirth Island Iron Trials. The beloved, high-TTK Iron Trials mode was converted for the game’s smallest map, while maintaining similar mechanics.

Unfortunately, it seems that some wires got crossed in the process, though. Within hours, players discovered that all marksman rifles seemed to have the same one-shot kill potential as snipers – paving a path for a nightmarish meta.

With Vanguard SVT and G-43 loadouts beginning to run rampant, the devs responded quickly on March 4. In a new tweet, they explained that the issue is being worked on.

Warzone devs address Iron Trials one-shot marksman bug

With higher base health, Iron Trials is meant to have a higher TTK than all other modes. The exception would be sniper rifles, which have shorter range but can still down enemies with a one-shot headshot within 30 meters.

As Raven reference in their tweet, this has not been the case with the new playlist. A bug is causing marksman rifles to enjoy the same one-shot potential as snipers, despite their increased mobility. As such, “a fix is being worked on.”

In the meantime, players are already dropping ridiculous highlight plays with broken marksman loadouts.

Rebirth Island Iron Trials meta dominated by marksman loadout bug

In a series of clips from ‘gorboob,’ you can see the potency of these bugged marksman rifles. Like a sniper on steroids, gorb is able to quickly move around, aim down sights, and knock off heads with surprising firing rates.

After testing, they helped put together the best G-43 “one-shot glitch” loadout for Iron Trials:

If you want to take advantage of the bugged marksman rifles while Raven work on a fix, the G-43 seems to be the way to go. With one-shot headshot potential within 30 meters, the weapon is a menace on Rebirth Island.

Of course, there are a number of other playlists available for those who want to avoid a marksman meta that’s “more broken than the DMR.”