Warzone players demand devs take action as “blatant” cheaters surge in Season 3

Warzone gameplayActivision

Warzone players are demanding that the Raven Software devs take more action to prevent hackers amid a surge of cheating across Caldera in Season 3.

Since Warzone’s release in March 2020, the game has been plagued by cheaters that have subsequently ruined the game for many players.

However, alongside the battle royale’s integration with 2021’s Call of Duty: Vanguard, the developers released their anti-cheat Ricochet.

While the brand new top-of-the-line anti-cheat was successful in removing an abundant amount of cheaters, issues have now arisen in Caldera Season 3 – leading to players urging the developers to take further action than the ban waves that they’ve already sent out.

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ricochet anti-cheat call of dutyActivision
RICOCHET is the name of CoD’s new anti-cheat system.

In a May 6 Reddit thread, a Warzone fan shared a short 10-second video of them being gunned down by a blatant aimbot cheater while dropping into Rebirth Island.

“How long does it take to get one of these morons booted,” questioned the player, adding that they reported the cheater the entire game, but they weren’t banned. “We were reporting him the entire game,” they said.

Another player in the replies added that it’s already taken longer than it should’ve for the cheater to be banned by the Ricochet anti-cheat, pointing out that they’re a decently high level in-game: “Longer than it should. Note that he’s level 50.”

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“Sad part is a lot of people think that the only cheaters are this blatant,” said another. “I really wish Ricochet would do something more. Especially people using walls or ESP.”

The ongoing cheating problem, which has been persistent since the game’s launch, doesn’t have players’ hopes up for the future of the battle royale, and for Warzone 2. “And people think Warzone 2 will be any different… naive,” one wrote.

We can only hope the developers continue to make improvements to the anti-cheat, which will hopefully end the cheating epidemic once and for all.

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