TimTheTatman reveals powerful meta “quick scope” AX-50 Warzone loadout

timthetatman-warzone-ax-50-loadoutActivision / YT: TimTheTatMan

After the huge nerf to sniper rifles in Warzone Season 3, Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has been using a “quick scope” AX-50 loadout — and believes it could be the new meta.

On April 27, the Warzone Season 3 update introduced changes to maps, modes, weapons, and more.

However, one of the biggest talking points was the massive sniper rifle nerfs, which impacted their one-shot kill potential at long distances.

The AX-50 has been overshadowed by the other sniper rifles in recent seasons. However, now that they’ve all been nerfed, Tim believes the AX-50 might be a dark horse contender for the new meta sniper rifle.

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Warzone AX-50 loadoutActivision
Tim believes the AX-50 has the potential to be the new meta sniper weapon in Warzone.

“In the update, the Swiss K31, the Kar98k, the Pelington — a lot of these sniper rifles that a lot of us loved got nerfed pretty hard,” he said. “You can’t one-shot someone if you hit them in the head from a certain distance away.”

For that reason, he believes there’s a “new king sniper in town,” and he believes it’s the AX-50. “I think the AX-50 and this build is the one that’s going to replace the Kar98k, the Swiss K31, and all those quick scoping guns.”

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TimTheTatman’s “quick scope” AX-50 Warzone loadout

timthetatman-warzone-ax-50-loadoutYT: TimTheTatMan
Tim believes his new “quick scope” AX-50 loadout could be the new meta.


  • Barrel: 32″0 Factory Barrel
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Stock: Singuard Arms Assassin
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape
  • Perk: Sleight Of Hand

Tim explained the logic behind his decision, and it’s all about speed. “I’m telling you, the ADS is quick,” he said. “You saw me hitting shots from really far away. I’m telling you, give it a shot, baby. Give it a shot. New meta? Maybe.”

Of course, only time will tell whether his prediction comes true. However, Tim popped off for an entire session using the AX-50, so his claim has some substance. It can’t hurt to give it a whirl and test it yourself.

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