Modern Warfare 3 players blast “sweat fest” SBMM

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Modern Warfare 3 players are taking aim at the skill-based matchmaking, claiming the game is a “sweat fest.”

Modern Warfare 3 finally arrived for players on November 10. While the MW3’s beta was fairly criticized, it’s fair to say the feedback was generally positive and overall fans were pumped for the game’s release.

However, now just days after launch, some are already beginning to hit out at various issues. While skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) has always been a major talking point in the CoD community, players are claiming the game is a “sweat fest” as SBMM is “cranked to the max.”

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MW3 players slam SBMM making games a “sweat fest”

In a November 12 Reddit thread, CoD fan ‘diesel6991’ started a discussion regarding MW3’s skill-based matchmaking. “SBMM seems cranked to the max on the live game compared to the beta,” they wrote. “Every single game is a sweat fest. Almost to the point where I don’t even want to play.”

According to the player, they feel as if they can’t even relax and enjoy the game due to the skill-based matchmaking placing them in games with “sweaty nerds.”

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“I feel like I’m on edge every single game gripping the crap out of my controller, can’t even just relax and the enjoy it,” they said.

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The player added: “All you nerds out there jumping, sliding, crouching up and down rapidly and drop shotting constantly literally ruins the game. Like I do bad but I still get put in games with sweaty nerds.”

It’s fair to say others in the replies agreed, with some going even as far as to say it feels like they’re playing with CDL pros in their lobbies.

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“Agreed, it feels like every game I’m playing against all the CDL champions,” they said. “It’s sad because I’ll play my first game of the day and get like a 20 killstreak and have tons of fun and then next thing I know everyone is prime Scump,” wrote another.

It isn’t the first time we’ve seen players discuss MW3’s matchmaking system. During the game’s beta, players demanded for tweaks. While major changes are unlikely, hopefully, the Sledgehammer devs make it a bit less strict.

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