Warzone perk glitch is giving players free Dead Silence

Jacob Hale
COD Warzone operator hiding behind pillar with an Armor Plate box next to him.Activision

The Modern Warfare 3 Warzone integration launched on December 6 to mass fanfare, though audio was a major complaint from many players off the rip. Now, players may have discovered that a certain perk is causing much of the audio issues.

Warzone’s audio has always been a frequent complaint of players ever since launch in 2020, but it has become even more so since the Modern Warfare 3 integration, with players complaining about dying to opponents who make literally no sound.

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It was unclear how exactly this problem arose, but everyone from pro players, to streamers, to regular casual players, have known that something was seriously off.

Now, there might be an explanation for the problem, and it could come down to a certain perk going rogue.

Resolute perk broken in Warzone?

As shown in the below clip from pro player zSmit, the issue could come down to the Resolute perk being broken in the game and doing more than is intended.

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The Resolute perk, which can be picked in Slot 4, is supposed to boost movement speed while taking damage, giving you more of a chance to escape certain death — but it’s going one step further.

As you can see in the clip, as soon as the player using Resolute gets hit, the Dead Silence logo appears on their screen, which could explain why some players are able to sneak up on you or rush you in a tense 1v1 and you do not hear a thing.

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Whether this is the root or broad reason behind the audio issues is unclear, and it could just be a factor that makes them even worse, but it’s certainly something the devs will want to get on top of and fix.

Audio isn’t the only thing players are complaining about in Warzone after the Modern Warfare 3 update, with some claiming that the TTK is already ruining the game.

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