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Call of Duty

Warzone map bug is turning trucks into death traps

Published: 29/May/2020 22:09

by Theo Salaun


One of the latest assumed bugs terrorizing players in Call of Duty: Warzone is an inescapable truck that seems to trap players—leaving many concerned about the game’s other set vehicles.

There are countless trucks, buses, and cars littered throughout Verdansk that are not operable but do possess loot. One of them has become infamous for being easy to get into, but seemingly impossible to leave, and it is claiming lives left and right.

While other spots on the map are notorious for how difficult they are to navigate, this particular one seems more deadly than the rest. Located at the Apartment Complex at Zone 2F, near Verdansk’s Graveyard, a large truck is set adjacent to the complex’s ground floor—with the back of its semi-trailer open against one of the building’s windows.


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Once you’ve entered the compartment you are unable to depart by traditional means. You can see daylight between the vehicle and the building’s facade and easily see a way out into the apartment, the same way you came in, but neither lets you exit your trap.

People have tried everything, from mantling onto the windowsill to crouching and jumping, jumping and crouching, sprinting into a slide and a mantle—whatever endless possibilities you can imagine. But, while a few tricks seem possible, countless frantic claustrophobes have been unable to get out alive.

I got physically trapped. Not sure if it is possible but devs might want to make sure if you put a truck close to a window that there is space to run out or jump. from CODWarzone

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The awkward added height of the semi-trailer’s floor met with the tight space offered by the window make for a particularly unideal combination. And this seems to become an absolute path to the Gulag for those who become greedy for the loot that hides inside.

And the most tempting of goodies found within is often a trapped enemy, who can be easily killed, putting all of their belongings up for grabs.

But as discovered by several Reddit users (and the two squads that followed them), outgunning a confined foe does not make you therefore invulnerable to imprisonment.

I got stuck while looting a truck… then two other squads got stuck inside too! from CODWarzone

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While Infinity Ward has yet to confirm if this is an intended difficulty or a bug, and players have not been unfortunate enough to discover other bugged trucks, a minority of gamers seem to have discovered a few ways to escape safely. 

Aside from various jump, crouch, and tactical sprint combinations that sometimes work, the most popular is to get on the windowsill, turn 90 degrees, go prone and then maneuver sideways into the apartment. Another, perhaps simpler option, is to grab one of the game’s quads and drive into the apartment so that your teammate can simply teleport to safety by entering the vehicle.