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Warzone devs suggest fix for “broken” C58 optic coming soon

Published: 19/Jul/2021 13:03

by Jacob Hale


The C58 has become an incredibly popular weapon in Warzone since the Season 4 Reloaded update, but it’s made even better by a certain sight that makes it far easier to control.

Shortly after the update, Warzone expert JGOD revealed that the C58 was a great weapon, but the 4x Royal and Kross optic actually diminishes the recoil significantly.

Since then, it’s become the meta weapon choice in Verdansk. You’ll see most players using it as their primary AR for long-range engagements and, when paired with a good SMG like the MAC-10 or MP5, you’re guaranteed to pack a punch.


The 4x scope is clearly broken on the C58, such is the magnitude of the recoil difference, as you can see in this image from JGOD below.

While a slight improvement would be expected, the change between the 3x and 4x scopes are significant enough to be causing some issues — but not for much longer, by the sounds of it.

After seeing the above tweet from JGOD, Warzone developers Raven Software have clearly been figuring out the best course of action.

They responded late on July 18 saying that they’re aware of the recoil differences and that the scope “will be addressed very soon.”


The meta has shifted a fair bit throughout Season 4, and while the C58 4x is the current assault rifle of choice, there are a number of viable loadouts to run in Warzone.

Whether this means the C58 completely falls out of the meta remains to be seen, but even with just the standard 3x Axial Arms scope that is applied to most ARs, it’s still a decent gun. It just might not be the number one choice anymore.