Warzone 2 specialist reveals secret optic with huge recoil boost

WhosImmortal (Right), Modern Warfare Promotional maetial (left)Activision, YouTube:WhosImmortal

Warzone 2 expert WhosImmortal has discovered an optic option for Warzone 2’s gunsmith that gives your weapon a huge recoil boost.

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 weapon statistics in the Gunsmith can be a little cryptic for unaware players. In short, some bars do not translate into the game as well as you’d hope for.

Those who would rather see raw numbers are in luck, as some players data-mined the statistics and presented each attachment’s pros and cons as numbers that are easier to understand.

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WhosImmortal noticed when looking through the Sym.gg website providing these stats that, curiously, one of the scopes from the gunsmith does something no other scopes do, boosting your recoil control and making your gun easier to shoot accurately.

WhosImmortal explain the hidden stats of Ares Clear Shot

Players of Warzone 2 use a variety of scopes on their weapons, from the Aim OP-V4 and Cronen Mini to bulky sniper scopes. WhosImmortal explained why the Ares Clear Shot is unlike no other scope.

“As we go and thought and actually look at optics you can see their pros and cons. Then we go all the way to the bottom on the Ares Clear Shot and suddenly it’s not all red cons,” explained WhosImmortal when scrolling through the website in his February 3.

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“In fact, it is some very, very interesting information. This optic actually helps out with your recoil, which no other optic in the games does.”

Immortal went on to explain that while builds using this dual scope, which offers a toggleable red dot sight and a 7x sniper zoom, would have worse ADS time, the recoil control would be boosted allowing for more precise sharpshooting.

“While this optic is ridiculously good for recoil in specific, it’s not like it’s going to be completely game-changing because it does have drawbacks. But it is very interesting that something like this exists.”

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Anyone struggling to control their assault rifles or LMGs might benefit from slapping the Ares Clear Shot on them to help in fights around Al Mazrah.